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+Chris Pirillo +Chris Brogan Hey guys, I've started dabbling with Hootsuite to help manage my personal twitter and facebok stuff, I now want to add my company's twitter and facebook feeds and have it all in a nice, tidy app. I like Hootsuite but would rather not invest a ton of time if there's something better for this. And, I see that Hootsuite is one of the companies allowed to try integrating G+, I'll need to add this as well when it's released.
Thanks very much for your help :)

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Big Bang Theory rocks.
I find something sooo attractive about smart men!

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I didn't know about this until I read it in the gmail blog.

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This is not an "Apple is better than Android" status update...but I sure am glad that I'm an Apple fanboy, I hate having to deal with malware and viruses.

I'm syncing my first album from my MacBook to my iPod wirelessly. Giggity.

Do you say "Hal-oween" or "Haul-oween" ? I pronounce it the first way.

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Great bit of reading here.

A character (unfortunately dead) was described on NCIS: Los Angeles as being a minimalist. It's going mainstream!

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My wife enjoyed this...a lot!
Types of Vampires (by Ben Douglass)
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