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Bronwyn White
Travel Futurist. Travel Researcher. Evidence-based strategist and marketer. I love all things travel.
Travel Futurist. Travel Researcher. Evidence-based strategist and marketer. I love all things travel.

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Join the branding dots with +David Amerland. He explains it a little here and extremely well in his book. #Travelbranding #TourismMarkeitng #Branding
Achieve Greater Consumer Based Engagement by Understanding How it Works

Brand managers emphasise the importance of the relationship among consumers and between them and their social context as key drivers affecting Consumer Based Engagement (CBE).

This is evident in the current formulation of the communication mix on the part of brand managers, leveraging on the capability of brand messages and media context to elicit emotional responses, co-create multi-sensory consumption experiences, and encourage consumer–brand-related behaviours (e.g. positive word-of-mouth and brand endorsement among peers carried out in both face-to-face and internet-mediated contexts).

"SEO Help" shows you how to join up all the dots:

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What happens when millenials grow up? They are starting to have families, mature and shift habits and life priorities. We explore it here #TravelResearch #TravelMarketing

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Are you suffering technology and 'marketing trend' overwhelm? You are not alone. We have written about our own 5 Step Marketing System in our latest blog piece.

This is not just theory, we actually use it in our own business and have been able to compete with the big guys because of it.

It is evidence-based, we have experimented with it for the last 3 years and while i could just keep adding to it, there are 5 fundamental, easy and achievable steps you must achieve as a base.

By doing all of these things together you will start to see results.

If you want to read more, go to +David Amerland +Eric Enge - pretty much everything we do in marketing and much of the research and recommendations we preach in the online space comes from these guys.
#TravelResearch #TravelMarketing #TourismMarketing

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What can I say, toilets are very dear to all our hearts and bums #toilettourism   #travelresearch  

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Google is now working on indoor mapping, imagine how great this will be for tourism. Here is an example of how indoor mapping would be applied in a museum.

This is potentially a crowd sourced project. Exciting stuff!
#TravelResearch #TourismResearch

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Bronwyn White commented on a post on Blogger.
This is a really helpful article +David Amerland This stuff will be so exciting in the tourism space...

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The travel industry is well placed to do this, we have NO EXCUSES - travel is visually appealing, visually exciting and easy compared to other verticals to execute.
+Mike Blumenthal is telling us of the clear advantages of uploading your images to Google My Business.

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+Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen explain how best to get trust, reputation and authority and why it is so important.

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We are truly at at the beginning of time in our Internet revolution of sorts. That's how I like to explain the importance of #SemanticSearch to Destination, travel industry marketers and small businesses in the travel vertical.
We will NEVER again be here. We are faced with opportunities like never before and won't ever have again - vital ingredient being time and content to gain your trust, reputation and authority in the eyes of the search engines. This is, so that they will trust your pages to present to a traveller during a Google Search.
In his book SEO Help, +David Amerland gives step-by-step easy instruction on how to do this. You cannot go wrong.
From Search Engine to Answers Engine

To be fair search has always been about finding answers. The difficulty has been in the process of how we got those answers. As I mentioned first in Google Semantic Search ( Google's path towards providing value has always meant that it uses its index to cross-reference information and come up with answers to search queries. For those looking for a step-by-step blueprint to help there is always SEO Help which is currently available for free with every +SEMrush upgrade If you haven't yet tried SEMRush's awesome tools you can try out one of their accounts for two weeks:

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Perhaps the ultimate basic experience that unites all tourist experiences is the loo. Yes, toilets, bathrooms, lavatories, rest rooms, bogs, dunnies and loos are a constant source of traveller apprehension. Clean, reliable, functioning toilets are still hard to find. Forget advertising and big bucks, the humble toilet is often the main reason why a traveller stops to ‘stimulate the local visitor economy’.

In just about every focus group, toilets come up as a reason for travellers stop at a destination. They don’t just visit the toilet, they have lunch, fill up on petrol, buy supplies and may even spend a night or two in the place. Call it the trickle down effect.

And in the travel industry, we have seen some amazing toilets...have you seen one, got a picture, we would love to see it.
We are announcing the #ToiletTourism awards to support the UN World Toilet Day on the 19th November. Is your toilet a contender?

Going to the toilet should be a basic right of everyone around the world, but it is not - particularly for women and girls in 3rd world nations.

If your toilet wins, we will donate $2000 in cash to the UN World Toilet Day initiatives in YOUR NAME. Plus, loads of other prizes. Check out the categories and register your interest.
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