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Ferrick M. Gray
... waltzing with words ...
... waltzing with words ...


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This profile is now inactive, but will remain for account purposes. If you are so inclined, you will find me here ...

Thank you to all those people who took the time to read some of my posts.


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Edgar Allan Poe's The Bells

Reader: Ferrick Gray

"The Voices" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Mine :)

A Starry Night

I dreamt upon a starry night,
Where stars were choc'late — milky white,
They floated in a syrup dark,
Began a journey, swift embark.

With strawb'ry suns that shone from far,
A constellation's jelly star
And little sprinkles sparkle, sway
In unison — the Milky Way.

And through God's store of sweet delights,
Marshmallow clouds would float on heights
Of sugared galaxies of ice
In forms of lollipops — So nice!

Discarded wrappers fell in rains
From little hands with candy canes,
All sticky; mouths and licking lips —
Each runs or jumps or hops or skips.

So when I dream 'pon starry nights,
Neath choc'late stars and sweet delights,
I think of you, and from God's store;
I'll take just you — and nothing more.

But you are not like other things,
For I see well, those angel wings,
With freckles sprinkled 'cross your nose
Those lips of red — I presuppose

That with your smile and sparkling eyes,
Just like a kid, my hows and whys
I want you so, a candy sweet
As lovers touch, my dark eyes meet

To drown in constellations far,
Revolve around the brightest star,
And plummet through the atmosphere
Of fairy floss and honeyed cheer.

I dream upon a starry night,
Where stars are choc'late — milky white,
My sweet delight, of course, you knew —
The only one I want is you!

Ferrick Gray
© 2016


I sits ‘ere in me chair an’ thinks a while,
O’ people pas’ an’ present, sum woz frends.
I thinks of ‘em an’ then I gets a smile
Across me dile. Ya know the one that sends
The kinda message, pretty much sublime
That sumpins took me fancy at the time.

I’s watchin’ runnas on the box b’for –
Some flammin’ fun run, why it’s fun, don’t no,
But then I finds me driftin’ off to more –
Yeah, distant mem’ries. Struth, I feels a blow!
I thinks of ‘ow she woz an’ what shez lef’ –
Me mem’ries of a bonza kid called Steph.

I calls ‘er kid, but that woz years ago,
An’ over years she turned out pretty smart,
An’ all the yung blokes tried to ‘av a go
To take ‘er out an’ ‘ope a romance start.
But she new well what yung blokes really like
An’ wiv a smile she sez, “Get on yer bike!”

I noo ‘er, just a stoodent at a skool,
An’ pretty smart she woz, a cleva kid –
I neva noo ‘er once to play the fool,
An’ ev’rything a hunded parcent did.
‘er life woz grand and tucht most ev’ryone,
Then sumpin’ ‘appened that can’t be undun.

Me wife, she gave me news over the fone,
I no it nocked the wind out fer a while –
Woz sumpin’ in ‘er voice an’ in ‘er tone
That wiped me whole ixspreshun from me dile.
It takes a bit ta comprahend whats sed,
But then I realizes, Steph woz dead.

I wunders why an’ ‘ow and ‘oo it woz
That took this preshus angel off afar.
A trajic axsadent an’ thats b’cos
Some drunkin’ fool woz in the uver car.
I wishs I woz there to wring ‘is neck,
But what would that achieve? Ah, what the heck.

So ‘ere I sits an’ thinkin’ lots o’ late
‘bout all the diff’rent people that I miss,
I thinks of ‘ow ‘er fam’ly’s lost there mate
An’ now jes ‘av the pics of ‘er ta kiss.
I’ll miss ‘er but I’ll cherish what she lef’ –
Me mem’ries of a bonza kid call Steph.

Ferrick Gray
© 2017

from "People I Knows"

(These poems inspired by the writing style of C.J. Dennis - The Sentimental Bloke.)

The Gospil: Accordin' to me Mate

Blesserd are thoz 'oo don't bum yer smokes
An' chooz ta by there tobaca.
Blesserd are all thoz jen-u-wine blokes
'oo 'elps when uvers won't back ya.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo'll shout ya a beer,
Yeah, wheneva ya parcht an' 'ot.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo'll 'elp ya ta clear
Yer paddocks an' round up yer lot.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo call ya 'is mate
An' will 'elp yer out of a blue.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo don't mind yer late
When payment is way ova do.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo'll drop in fer tea
An' boil up the billy fer all.
Blesserd are thoz 'oo let bi-gons be
An' 'elps when ya back's to the wall.

I looks aroun' me, Austraya I seez,
A country so beut, it's a givun.
Gawstruth I thinks an' then I sez Jeez! –
I lives in the kingdum of 'evun.

Ferrick Gray
© 2017

from "People I Knows"

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Collaborating with the wonderful and talented +Elusive Me​​ ... the rondel supreme: Hush Sweet Angel.

The Truth

Where happiness flows, from those friendships found,
When love overcomes all our fear,
Our spirit soon knows, that we are n'er bound,
In darkness, and light will appear.

I know that it's true, that Time can be cruel,
To many a tormented soul,
But more than a few, will soon 'pear the fool,
When darkness is what makes them whole.

The power of dark, is more than we think,
A thought that we often ignore,
'Til it's made its mark, and life's on the brink,
Self-pity will thrive evermore.

It's painful to say, a lover or friend,
Who seems to be happy most times,
It could be their way, to fight to the end,
'gainst darkness and all of its crimes.

Our soul yearns the light, 'tis weaker you see,
For darkness needs nothing at all,
So dress it in white, with happiness be,
And darkness can nothing but fall.

You must bear in mind, there's no easy way
For darkness may see through your plan,
To quell all its kind. Its goal is to sway,
Your heart with all conflicts it can.

Encourage the light, to spurn what was done:
A single ray pierces the night,
Stand after the fight, when battle is won,
Not in blood, invictus. In White.

Ferrick Gray
© 2017

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Beautiful Equations

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