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The only true measure of success is the amount of J♥Y you are feeling!
The only true measure of success is the amount of J♥Y you are feeling!

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Post has attachment I'm loving teaching my latest yoga class on chakras - love this reptilian yogi LOL

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Saturday... a couple hours that make happy hearts and memories for months & years to come! :)
Wanna help?! <3  
Go to and click on the donate button - for a few $ You can help to underwrite the costs of supplies and help to lift the HeART of a young person and give the ASD family much needed support.
Thank you! ☆

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In a galaxy a long, long time ago...
Our first outreach at CAN, 2005
10 years later...whole new worlds have formed...
Join us as we raise needed $$$ to explore and go further helping those on the Spectrum journey.

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Handle every stressful situation like a dog...
If you can't eat it or play with it,
Just pee on it and walk away.
Or you can Join our
PET Reiki & Blessing of the Animals - back by popular request!
Sunday, June 14, 2015, 3:00-5:00pm
Animals heal us...and we can help them too with our loving blessings and touch!
Join us for a Blessing of the Animals. Bring your beloved creatures, great & small, and we will share in the tradition of St. Francis who took special care of the animals of Creation and referred to them as "Brother and Sister creatures."
There will be a group gathering and blessing, followed by a PET Reiki™ blessing for each pet. Please have dogs on leashes (small dogs can be held), cats held or in carriers, and all other pets (turtles, snakes, gerbils, etc) should be held in a carrier of some type. Horses (yes, horses sometimes join us) can be on reins and held off to the side (not ridden.)
*(You can bring pictures in place of your pet for the blessing.)
EVENT is a LOVE donation of $15 per pet family & bring items for the shelters!
Love donations go to local animal programs for dogs, cats, horses and other.
PLEASE BRING towels, toys, healthy snacks, food, etc and CASH, so we may share our love for our special pets with those in shelters who need more loving! Thank you!!!
Share in the Animal Blessing and Be a Blessing for other Animals in need!
Call Soulutions to pre-register with name and pet type/name. 215-968-9750
(We will meet in Labyrinth area behind the store.)

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PET Reiki and Blessing of the Animals coming soon!
Join us as we learn more about the interaction of human and animal companions on our life journeys...we come together to uplift and heal each other...we experience Love from a broader and deeper consciousness in the presence of our beloved pets and favorite animals.
Message me for details and to join in our outreach.

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Excited to be doing our first event for SERENE TEEN!!! Earth Day Mindfulness, Movement & Park Cleanup...connecting Teens to their hearts and to Nature!
On Twitter -@serene_teen888
On Instagram @serene_teen
Google+ Serene Teen

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NEW Outreach!
Please help us with SERENE TEEN™
Suicide rates -- the highest in the history of USA for TEENS --addictions highest --self harming highest --bullying highest -
WHAT?! is going on?!
We believe helping Teens to tune into their Breath, Heart center, Peace, Creativity, Power and Self Esteem by learning Meditation, Mindfulness, Fitness, Creativity, Service and Character tools can stop this insanity!!!
***Love is always the matter the question......
visit & You can donate by clicking on red "Donate" word...takes you to our nonprofit site to make the donation via paypal...we are providing support for teens and parents and need the start up funds for it to operate independently. Please note "Serene Teen" in the memo. Thank YOU!!!

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Come follow us!
#teens   #meditation   #stressrelief  

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What did you give up for Lent?
How about worry? That's a good one to let go of!
Peaceful steps....Deep breaths....Bold Love to each of You!
Blessings for your day & week ~ Robin

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Too much! Stop the madness! We can help our young people with our own mindful awareness, deep breaths, positive choices & full immersion in Love... this will radiate and uplift us, them and everyone! Thanks for joining us in a Happy HeARTs wave of well-being!
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