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Here's an old video Gill and I did about Republicans and racism. 
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Today I heard Eric Bolling on The Five praise The Fair Tax, which seems to be a transaction tax on everything bought and sold in America - and he wants it at 23 percent! Apparently he would get rid of all other taxes and just use this whopping and omnipresent excise. (How is it not a VAT?)

I can hardly imagine a more horrifying tax proposal.

My housemate Mr. Monteith, who'll be with me just a few more weeks, is no libertarian, but has a much better idea: a national tithe. "I call it the Mormon Tax." Ten percent, no exceptions, across the board. Cut spending to conform to the revenue this generates.

Workable? It sure sounds better than anything even the Libertarian Party candidates have devised.

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Bernie Sanders's B.S.:

Says he's a "democratic socialist," but sports a portrait of Eugene V. Debs in his Senate office.

Says Denmark and Sweden are his models of socialism, but both countries sport lower corporate taxes and less business regulation than the U.S. does.

Says democracy matters, and should be "taken back." Sues a person merely expressing a differing opinion on his own dear self. Just like a socialist dictator would?
Does the Sanders campaign respect the First Amendment rights to satire and parody?
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It's the simple pleasures....
Researchers noted that feelings of bliss began rising as the timer indicating how soon the button would appear counted down toward zero.
DURHAM, NC—According to a study published Monday by researchers at Duke University’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, humans experience the most intense feelings of happiness when pressing the “skip ad” button before watching a video on the internet.
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Dear Mr. Hoang, I'm afraid I disagree. Spencer very much considered the state an essential institution, and listed its duties ... dutifully. The closest he got to a "withering away of the state" thesis — a thesis speculated upon by Thoreau, and promoted by the great economist Gustave de Molinari — was in the chapter about the right to ignore the state in SOCIAL STATICS. 

But Spencer did not draw a full anarchism in that chapter, and he repudiated the very idea later in life, on the grounds of the free rider problem. See his own review of his first book, as printed in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY. It was reprinted in Liberty as a review of a reprint of the book, back in the late 1980s or early 1990s.
James Gill and I put together a few spontaneous-reaction videos about Sarah Silverman's case for supporting Bernie Sanders. They've been our most popular videos. This one, especially, has garnered many, many shares and views.

I will have to revisit the basic idea, here, again. "Rights vs. privileges" is one of the great cliches of socialism.

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I defend libertarianism from a critique published in Psychology Today. I have a video on this forthcoming, as well.
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The love of liberty really does correlate with high intelligence, like listening to classical music. But it is also a matter of taste....
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The left's continual redefinition of terms is getting on my nerves. "Liberalism" became Socialism Lite, racism became oppression by class, sexism became oppression by "gender", and now, in argument, a Bernie supporter insists that "Sanders is a capitalist," which is absurd for two radically different reasons.
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Favorite "almost president"? Aaron Burr, who missed it by "that much," that is, "by Hamilton"; didn't miss Hamilton, later. #IndependentsFBN
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I am a nyctophiliac?
I really do 👍
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