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New Things
When I was growing up, the world was in a Cold War between the capitalist West led by the United States and Soviet Communism led by the Soviet Union, both armed to the teeth with weapons capable of wiping out all life from the planet. I first was taught tha...

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British and U.S. 19th Century Protestant Effervescence
A scholarly controversial third awakening movement—said by some to span from the late 1850s to the early 20th century in Britain and the United States—was really a period of effervescence within evangelical Protestantism. It touched on slavery, temperance a...

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The Oxford Movement
In the early 19th century, at the learned core of England, Oxford University, there arose a movement that eventually became both the Anglo-Catholic (or “high church”) wing of the Church of England and the source of converts—or from another perspective, retu...

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The Second Awakening
The Second Awakening Meanwhile, the Protestant side of Christianity, especially evangelicalism, remained still a relatively small part of the faith worldwide, still splintering with every new idea. Specifically in the U.S. context, the Second Awakening from...

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The Making of Pre-Vatican II Catholicism
Although the Catholic Church is the only Christian body present at every stage of the history of Christianity, the 19th century gave birth to a frozen Catholicism of unschooled, overly devout  laypeople led by an absurdly papist and clerical hierarchy. It w...

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Scholars Say
The earliest public debate around liberal Protestant ideas started when German scholars attempted to get at the factual and historical Yeshua bar Yosif from Nazareth. Vaulting past the lack of impartial and verifiable documentation, they developed the tools...

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The Birth of Liberal Protestantism
Just as Protestant enthusiasm was sweeping English-speaking North America and Britain, on the European continent, in Prussia, not far from the cradle of the Augustinian monk who launched the Reformation, there was ferment of a more intellectual variety. Fri...

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Popular Piety III: Sacred Heart
From the 17th through 19th centuries comes one other notable theme of piety, veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A close friend used to carry around a prayer card with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She dropped it one day and was told by a very...

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Popular Piety II: Saints of Charity
Saintliness and devotion related to saints is about both prayer and action. Some of the most revered saints promoted charity toward the poor and marginal, “like Jesus” they might have added. Some came from humble beginnings. Saints could populate an entire ...

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The Rise of Popular Piety
Just as Protestant Christianity turned in the Awakenings to Evangelism and a personal, emotional and unschooled Bible-based religiosity, in the 17th through 19th centuries Catholicism developed a broad-based popular piety that in some ways was similar, alth...
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