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Rise from your Grave
A common piece of advice for someone who can't sell their movie script is to turn it into a novel instead.  Wise words, but what if such scripts were made into video games?  Most Hollywood movie execs don't buy film scripts for the words on the page.  They...

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Thieves Guild
Internet piracy may not exactly be legal, but it is paradoxically non-profit In theory Steam keys are a useful way for developers and publishers to promote games.  By sending out these strings of letters and numbers they can offer prominent Youtubers, Twitc...

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Development Hellblade
Mental trauma is associated with schizophrenia, but it's unclear whether it is a symptom or a cause. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was announced back in 2014 as a third-person action game set in Dark Ages Britain.  The titular main character, Senua, is part ...

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Horizon: Far Zenith
With 2.6 million copies sold in the first two weeks, I think it's safe to say Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to get a sequel.  The question is "where to go from here?"  As it turns out there's a lot of possible directions the series can go (spoilers to follow,...

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What Happened...?

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Equipment Entrophy
A glass holding water to the midway it half empty or half full?  If you think the former you might be an optimistic by nature, while if you feel the latter then perhaps you are a pessimist.  A similar system can be applied to how people react to m...

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Breath of the Cloud, Link to the Atlas
If you're not familiar with the film Cloud Atlas, it was a 2012 release (adapted from a novel of the same name) that featured a lot of big name talent attached to a very unconventional plot structure.  Unlike traditional movies that have a beginning middle ...

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For Honor...or not
...and que slo mo walk toward the camera Ubisoft should really consider adding a "no" between the "U" and "play" for their peer-to-peer multiplayer service.  Not just for that service's mandatory installation requirements or the poor net code that comes wit...

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Watch your Language
It would have been cooler if they spelled it "Æloy" instead of "Aloy" Well, Horizon Zero Dawn is out and it seems to have fallen into the quandary of critical acclaim, but consumer indifference. Part of this might be coming from the fact that it's a PS4 ex...
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