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Edward Smith-Lewis
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Edward Smith-Lewis

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Thanks for the video. Total cost to replace both of my headlights: $27.22/approx. 20 mins.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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Seattle, WA 98109
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After living in Atlanta (the heart of the South), Johannesburg (a country that just ended apartheid in the early 1990s), and Washington, DC (a place where politics rule the social scene), I was appalled at how I was treated at R Place. Until 1:30 AM I was enjoying myself, when my friend went to the bar to get a drink, at that time, he was accosted by an individual that was clearly drunk, when my friend tried to calm the situation down, we were immediately surrounded by R place security. Before I knew it, my friend was grabbed by the neck and was escorted out of the bar. In an attempt to find out what was happening, I appraoch security to ask clarifying questions...before I knew it, I was also being escorted out of the club. When Iasked why was my friend and I being escorted out, I was not provided with an answer. My ultimate assumption was that I was being escorted out becuase my friend and I were BLACK. Security never asked what the problem was, if any, they just grabbed my friend by the neck and drug him out of the establishment. When I tried to find out what is wrong, I was not given an answer. When I asked why I was getting dragged out of the club as well, I was told that I was cursing, tearting them aggressively, and being insubordinate. As I type this, just minutes after the event occurred, I promise that I never said one swear, I was never aggressive, and I was only trying to figue out what was going on, if anything. My only assumption, my friend and I were being treated as less than becuase we were BLACK. One security guard said I called him a racist, I guarantee that the word racist never came out my mouth. I do believe that he felt as he if was being racist. My friend and I were not in the worng, we were just trying to find out what was going on. After they escorted us out of the club, they then tried to hol our coats, that we paid to check, making us sign a form to retrieve our things, after we had given them our coat chekc ticket. I have always thought that the state of Washington was a liberal and accepting state. After the esperience I had at R Place, I am not so sure. I wish I could say that my time at R PLace was fun, unfortunately, due to some really simple minded individuals, that was not the case. I charge, anyone who is reading this review, do not patronize R Place with your business, until that remidey the deep seeded prejudice that is present in its current operation. Not only was my friend and I disrepsepcted, the actions taken by security and R Place was completed uncalled for. Please do not give your hard earned money to a place that does not respect individuals. I cannot believe this has happen in a place as accepting and open as Seattle, WA. Shame on you, R Place.
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