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Happy holi....have a safe Holi..plss take u all..

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These Oscar-themed desserts will definitely make your viewing party's best-dressed list!

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new exercise by MS Dhoni..and team mates. - Team MSD

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+Circle of Cricket is 1 Million strong and counting!
Thanks a Million to our Million followers.

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How a slow computer is wasting your time and what you can do about it

Ever since I have switched from a classical hard disk to an SSD (Solid State Disk) in my desktop computer, I have really come to appreciate how much of my time a slow computer is wasting. Before that, I was thinking of a slow computer as an inconvenience. Now I know better.

If you are creative and have a lot of work, and the ideas queue up in your head, waiting to be brought out, a slow computer is a real killer. This is especially true if you are a photographer dealing with mass image data. It will decrease your efficiency drastically. But more than that, it will decrease the quality of your work. Let me reiterate that: It will decrease the quantity and the quality of your output.

Why is that?
1. Your overall work will simply take longer due to the delays.
2. Your workflow gets interrupted often. Especially, if you have a good workflow (a routine way of doing things efficiently) interruptions often cause you losing your focus, and you have to rethink what you are doing.
3. Slow machines make you switch between tasks. While some program is loading or busy, you may e.g. switch to checking your emails. Studies show that humans are not very good at multi-tasking. It disrupts their concentration and introduces errors. That does include women. ;-)

What can you do?
If you have a feeling that your computer limits you in the ways described above, there are three things (in descendent order of importance) that can really help:

1. Get a solid state disk: SSDs are really changing the game. If you have your operating system and the programs you are using most often on an SSD, programs will open and close almost instantly and the time required for routine activities like loading and saving files virtually reduces to zero.
2. Get more main memory: A large main memory reduces the usage of your slow mass storage (your disk) for shoving programs in and out of the memory.
3. Get a multi-core computer. It does not have to be a fast one.

If you can only afford one of these measures, go with the SSD. If you have the budget for only two, go with the SSD and more memory. If you do this, you and not your computer will be setting the pace of your work.

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Good morning,
Have a nice day

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who spies on who?

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Soapbox Time
The strain of being Social

I can understand why +Trey Ratcliff makes it a point to note that no company pays him and that he likes to stay neutral and why +Mike Shaw needs to step back from everything from time to time. Apparently after uncovering some closed door comments this morning I am paid to write reviews, such as my two most recent ones (Netgear ReadyNAS Raid Box and the Asus Transformer Prime). On top of that, I apparently pay Google to be on their recommended user list.

All good information to know and certainly news to me. Just for clarification, I have never asked any company, including Google for anything...ever. The reality is that while I do enjoy giving reviews of products, I also have my likes and dislikes, such as using Android phones and tablets over an iPhone or iPad while still enjoying my Apple laptop and desktop. Such is life I suppose. I like giving people alternative options to the popular choices, such as the iPad or Drobo for a Raid box.

On top of this, I do find a little amusement in someone that only publishes their own photography work talk about my posts as self promotion or advertisements. I will let them in on a are self promoting every time you publish your own work. I know it is hard to believe...but it is true. Knowing that with a different approach to social networking as a photographer, this mindset towards my approach is not surprising...just disappointing.

I am not writing this with the intent to mention who or whom I am talking about nor to illicit any pity or sense that I am a "victim" of anything, but more so to vent a little. I am a big boy and I am just fine. I have just been insanely busy lately with +The Giving Lens my Haiti organization (Lespwa Haiti) as well as my own photography business, so maybe my patience has worn thin. I leave for California tomorrow for a much needed break from the social networking black hole. Hopefully I can catch +Scott Jarvie in Vegas for a good laugh and some grub. I hear the RIO has a killer Sea Food Buffett ;)

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."
~Ansel Adams
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