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I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade.
I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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On muck diving and the beauty of the underwater world of Lembeh from Erin Quigley and Yevgeny Nyden.
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One of the best dive sites in Cabo (South of the Baja Peninsula).
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Some of the incredible underwater shots from our Scuba Diving community.
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It's time to share the awesome winners of our 2nd Scuba Photo Competition!

This community is very lucky to have some truly talented members! each of teh entries to the competition were incredible!

However, we could only have 10 winners, and you all voted on your favourites!

Please join us in congratulating; 
+Rafi Amar +Craig Morley +Torben Lonne +Yevgeny Nyden +Katrine Jensen +Fabian Schorp 

Check out the winning photo's here -

Very well done!!

We'll post your winning pictures in the Google Gallery next week!

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We got 18 entires into our latest Scuba Photo Competition.

Please jump into the Gallery of entries and +1 your favourite ones!

Winners will be announced on Sunday!  

Scuba Photo Comp 2!
18 Photos - View album

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#Photocomp2 IS LIVE!

With some awesome prizes too!

What are you waiting for? Go submit your awesome diving photos!
Hello divers!

Myself and +Yevgeny Nyden have started to notice a large increase in brands posting brand promotions without any other engagement n the community. 

This is bad for our community and we consider these posts simply Spam, even if they are in the Brand Promotions category.

BRANDS - you must engage and join in the conversation with our members. Doing this, earns you the right to post in Brand Promotions. If we deem that you are not doing this, you will be warned  once, followed by being banned.

DIVERS - This is your community and, while +Yevgeny Nyden and the the moderators try their best to keep your community clean, we sometimes miss things. So please, if you see a Brand posting sales messages without properly engaging then *please post a comment on that post and alert myself, +Yevgeny Nyden  or any of your Moderators so that we can grow the level of engagement and cut down on the spam.

Keep Making Bubbles!
Chris and +Yevgeny Nyden 
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Did you know its Shark Week this week?

Did you know there's a live G+ Hangout on Sharks happening this Thursday? 

Like sharks? Want to learn about Sharks? Get involved!
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President Obama announces 782,000 Sq.mile marine reserve

This is amazing news! Well done and THANK YOU +Barack Obama 

Please share the great news!

#scubadiving    #Diving   #scuba  
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Black Jacks! Thousands of them!

An excellent video by our very own +Yevgeny Nyden from the Sea of Cortez!

+1 and thumbs up the video if you like it!
Running neck to neck, back to back… they are many, they are one…

This was one of the most incredible dives of my life and it lasted for just about 20 minutes.

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”Whole Lotta fish”. Large schools of the black jacks are common to the Sea of Cortez waters. I found it to be a truly unforgettable experience being surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of these fish.

#Diving , #SeaOfCortez  
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