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Twitter is down.

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May be hard for the GOP to keep their cuts-only approach after this.

Does anyone else think that Google+ growth is slowing down? Not adding followers nearly as quickly over at the ThinkProgress account.

Does anyone know why +Mashable News can maintain its page but ThinkProgress and pretty much all other news pages are shut down?

UPDATE: White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer pushes back on rumors:

"Anyone reporting a $3 trillion deal without revenues is incorrect. POTUS believes we need a balanced approach that includes revenues."

On Twitter, David Shuster reports:

"Hill sources: Obama has offered Boehner 'all spending cuts' now and is will accept 'efforts' to rewrite tax code in 2012. Epic cave-in"

Shuster says his hill sources are Democratic lawmakers who have been briefed on Obama's latest offer to Boehner.

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Looks like ThinkProgress' Google Plus account has been suspended, but mine shall live forever! +Judd Legum will be demoted to VP for Facebook, and I'll become VP for Google +
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