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Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Writer, Werebear mundus rotundus undabundus
Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Writer, Werebear mundus rotundus undabundus


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Some redcaps out there seem to think they'll get to engage me in debate in the comments on my posts.


This isn't one of those things. I am not one of those people.

It's not talk radio.

I'm not acknowledging your hurt feelings and giving you a space at the table.

I don't care about your 4chan talking points. I keep up with /r/The_Donald - I've read everything you're going to type.

How to move forward and stop the acceleration of Climate Change? I want to talk about this. Join in.

How to protect the rights of all Americans? Join in. Challenge me with new ideas. Talk about the parts of Trump's 100 day plan that aren't actually that bad. I'm in.

People throwing Nazi salutes in Washington D.C. is "leftist propaganda?" No.

You add nothing to this conversation, and I will address you with the least amount of effort required: block, close thread. Done. I don't have time for or the least interest in your bullshit.
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My daughter understands the primary goal of parenting.

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"I don’t keep my living space uncluttered out of an aesthetic commitment to minimalism. I do it because I’m literally too lazy to move a cup three inches to the left in order to dust behind it, and if I allowed myself clutter then nothing would ever be clean again."

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When you get to hell, tell them who sent you, yellowjackets.

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I call this one "show my bruised sternum who's boss."

(It's my sternum. My sternum is boss.)

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+Kate Testerman knocked it out of the park with the homemade unicorn birthday cake, full of rainbows, for +Kaylee Testerman .

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So I started a sort of mystery / Amnesia game inspired by the Netflix series The Hollows. It worked well(really well!), but now I've got a third player who wants to join and I need to throw a kind of escape room puzzle at them, similar to the one found in the first episode of The Hollows... which I can't use because the first two players already spoiled that solution for the third one.

Anybody have a good recommendation for a sort of escape room puzzle type of challenge for players? The sort of stuff you see in classic video games like day of the tentacle. I've got kind of a vague idea for one involving an electrified eel pit and a game of hangman, but...

Today on Lifehacker:

- When it Pays to Buy a One-way Plane Ticket
- How to Enjoy a Three-way
- How to Deal with Grief

I feel like somebody at their offices has a much more interesting "what did you do over the weekend" story than everybody else.

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