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Deal +Google , you have enough money. Do you really need to put ads in my Gmail account now and make them look like messages? #Annoying  

I dream of a day when all telecom services are debundled. When you can buy access to channels one at a time, so you only pay for the ones you watch, and content is available on-demand online, instead of only live on TV. And all cell phone services are internet only VoIP. No more "unlimited minutes" requirement. Who the heck even uses minutes anymore?

#FuckComcast   #FuckVerizon  

I haven't been a professional software developer very long but somehow I've gone my entire career without knowing about #XPath. I can't tell you how many times I wrote code that does what XPath could have done for me.

"Shall not be infringed."

+Google Maps I seem to remember being able to plot waypoints on a map. Why is that no longer supported?

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side really just, really gets me excited.

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Sally Kohn angers me. She writes a piece about how racial bias, rape, and climate change are all bad, then says "Finding solutions is vital. Let's start talking about that." DUH. How about actually positing a solution?

And can we define what the heck "rape culture" means? There is no culture in the US that encourages rape. Not one person I know would ever advocate rape. Wtf is it?

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Spider Man has been drawn in this pose before, and in several ​poses that, if he was a woman, you could easily deem "offensive" or "sexualized". Artists draw super heros naked to outline their physical features. They then paint the costume over it. This is very common.

"You can't really court women by continuing to regurgitate tropes that subordinate their power and strength to the imperative that they look extremely sexy all the time."

Really? Have you seen any women's magazines or catalogues lately? If anyone can find me a Cosmopolitan magazine with in unattractive woman in a non sexual pose on the cover, I'd be very impressed.


I got a little bored at work today and decided to realign the #NFL divisions

New England Patriots
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

Great Lakes:
Buffalo Bills
Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions

Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins

Seattle Sehawks
Las Vegas Outlaws (formerly New York Jets)
Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals

Ohio Valley:
Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
St. Louis Rams

Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans
San Antonio Alamos (f/k/a Minnesota Vikings)
New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers
Oakland Raiders
Los Angeles Jaguars (f/k/a Jacksonville Jaguars)
San Diego Chargers
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