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Stuart Pegg
Jack of many trades, master of some.
Jack of many trades, master of some.

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Facebook: An attention sharing system.
LinkedIn: A car salesman RPG, where you are the car.
Twitter: A drunken cocktail party simulator.
Google+: The elephant on the bandwagon.

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How to use your LinkedIn picture in Lync

It's a good job I took my headphones off for loo break just then, or it would have been:

"We couldn't deliver your package today because
[X] You were rocking out to Nightwish"

I'm going to invent a keyboard with a "JFDI" button ("Just Do It")

You hold down when clicking things to stop them asking you "Did you mean to do that?", "Are you sure?", or from doing daft things like minimising instead of closing programs when you click the "Close" button.

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How do I renew a Refresh token?

Let's say I have a provider-hosted app that's installed on a client's Office 365 site. A user clicks the app and they're redirected to our site.

The redirects gives us (among other things) a Refresh Token, so we can continue to make requests on the user's behalf, bound by their user permissions. All is well.

However, the Refresh Token expires after 6 months. How do we get another Refresh Token before this happens? Do we get a new token if they visit again before the expiry?

Reason for shutdown: "You are not a real production server; you are a testing VM. Get over it."

If you try to run unit tests on 3 VM SharePoint servers from one laptop at the same time then you may not have a very good day today.

That horrible moment when you realise you don't actually like computers very much...
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