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Just a dude who plays games and cares about people
Just a dude who plays games and cares about people

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Kingdom Death: Monster does a lot of what I was trying to accomplish with my "periapocalyptic dungeon crawl" game design a couple years back. Fighting bizarre monsters, gathering randomized loot, returning home after each delve to build up a settlement of survivors. But it does have a lot of unnecessary baggage, both in rules cruft and the unconscionable sexualized violence of its aesthetics.

So, pondering. Kingdom Death: Mirage? A KDM hack that ports the mechanics to a post-postmodern setting, trims off hunks of excess, and adopts an anarcho-feminist mindset rather than that of a misogynistic teenager sweating over heavy metal album covers and skin mags.

Ponder ponder.

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tfw you're underequipped to hunt the White Lion, but manage to crush its windpipe on a crit and defeat it in a single survivor turn \o/ #KingdomDeath

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Somebody tell this guy you can't win a Duel of Wits by scripting Obfuscate, Obfuscate, Obfuscate every round. #BurningTrump

If not for student loans, my wife and I would be financially secure. We'd be able to save, go on trips, fix up the house. Fuck this system.

Various household objects advise me, "KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN."

Seems like good advice. I do try to steer clear of 'em where possible.

I keep seeing "Trump is assaulting democracy!" "Defend democracy from Trump!" etc. etc.

Y'all, this is representative democracy working as designed. Give power unto a small group of people, that they might screw over and profit off the rest.

Which is not to say we shouldn't fight back against Trumpism, but in so doing we're also fighting democracy. Trump is the culmination of USian democracy, not its antithesis.

I will do any amount of work, go to any length of effort, so long as the task at hand isn't what I'm supposed to be doing.

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That's our cheese tray card! sniff it's gone so far

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This is the first I've heard of "tend and befriend" as a stress response. Patriarchy poisons everything.
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