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Having said that
A phrase I love to say as well as a Curb Your Enthusiasm Fan Page
A phrase I love to say as well as a Curb Your Enthusiasm Fan Page


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+Having said that , I'd settle for AWESOME, coffee and bacon..
but wait a minute.. that's not.. #ohai  Mom!
"Settling." I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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+matthew rappaport is pretty talented and here's his film +Yoko/Schmono to check out .. +Having said that he's no LARRY DAVID [yet!!]
Watch +Yoko/Schmono from Writer/Director +matthew rappaport LIVE
Right Here, Right now


#yokoschmono #film

Thanks for all your support! Enjoy ..with popcorn+

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Lots of people that are FUNNY and into the BUSINESS of FUN or just BUSINESS .. but ya know +Having said that ... *CIRCLE ALL THESE PEOPLE BELOW and life will just get more interACTIVE for ya ;) #sharedcircles  are like froyo!
We mean BUSINESS Part I +Shared Circles on G+ 

People who are in business, post about business, share business and/or MEAN BUSINESS! This is just the beginning... 

If you were left out.. then BRING the BUSINESS Below in comments . . 
I got a special place in hell a PART 2 circle share...for some of yaz! ;)

(Also I want to say 100% but at least somewhere around 90% or higher is the % of People in this Circle that will NOT TEAR YOUR EYEBALLS OUT!
I enjoy the gift of sight! +Having said that ... You can make a video impression of me.. make fun of me.. GO AHEAD, I can take it!
Delis in New Jersey and Google+ Local plus Bieber & Gaga making their "move" ! ..just know I'll do my best of you too to make a full CIRCLE of awesome impressions!) 

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+Having said that ..Superman is more a +Seinfeld thing than CURB ... #heatdoesabodybad

Even Superman doesn't stand a chance against Global Warming... and the heat in Singapore where this cool statue stands .. entitled "No One Can Save Us Now!"
Heroically Cool Stuff. Lots more pictures and details here: singapore-art-museum

#superman #globalwarming
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You know what.. you need to do better! That's just shoddy!

+Having Stuff ....
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Episode 75 - Larry on...Pig Parking

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The "C" Word ... is more comfortable in Hangouts... but Larry ....

Curb your Enthusiasm - The C word

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Larry needs weed but really wants to talk about LOST .. cause he's psychic about stuff.. this was pre or near the beg. of the Oceanic show..

Curb Your Enthusiasm Buys weed

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