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Bill Garrett
The Zoroastrian Groucho Marx.
The Zoroastrian Groucho Marx.

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Here's my "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" from the Biopunk Fusion AU:

"Also around this time, the leadership of Blackwatch and the Umbrella Corporation are systematically eliminated, or simply disappear. Careful observers attribute this to a team of highly skilled and uniquely powered individuals: a stern old man with elemental powers, a highly skilled and STARS-trained gunslinger/geneticist, a humanoid virus who can consume and assimilate memories, a multi-ethnic hacker/swordsman, and a woman who can summon negative emotions into an ectoplasmic reality or shape it into childlike minions."

This is all fitting together quite well. I'm happy. I even have a few other beings who could join this team!

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A look at Talispire's demons - and why they're not the personification of evil, even if they look and act like it.

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True story from Apollo 11.

095:17:28 Evans: Roger. Among the large headlines concerning Apollo this morning, is one asking that you watch for a lovely girl with a big rabbit. An ancient legend says a beautiful Chinese girl called Chang-O has been living there for 4,000 years. It seems she was banished to the Moon because she stole the pill of immortality from her husband. You might also look for her companion, a large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he is always standing on his hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree. The name of the rabbit is not reported.

095:18:15 Collins: Okay. We'll keep a close eye out for the bunny girl.

Here's a move that isn't making it into the final cut of a DW playbook, but I'm including it here anyway.

When you encourage someone to sing a song to a far-off person with whom they share a bond, that person will hear the song and may choose to respond in kind. If both partners participate, they may engage in a sung duet regardless of distance. 

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More fantasy/mythology art storytelling.

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A wild emotional ride featuring a familiar figure from mythology. If you don't feel something by the end, your heart is made of stone.

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The pain is real.
For all the FFXIV Healers out there.

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