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London riots: At least it's not about a hockey game.

Why does Cosmo always feature a bunch of tips on how to sexually satisfy a man? I mean, it's really not that difficult. Especially if he's the type to date girls who read Cosmo.

When people tell me I don't know what it feels like to be a minority, I tell them I've walked through Parc Angrignon on a weekend afternoon.

I always measure corniness on a scale from 1 to Paulo Coelho.

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"Agents know that their jobs only exist because of the low value the world market ascribes to Indian labor. The more they embrace the logic of global capitalism, the more they must confront the notion that they are worth less."

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I'm not sure who follows me where, or who's friends with me where, but please follow my Twitter account, which is still my main social media outlet. See you there!

"She looks like the kind of girl who has Wherther's Originals in her purse."

It pains me to know that when the fad completely dies out, thousands of kids in third world countries will be wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts.

Praise the fictional lords for that half second when you walk past the open door of an air-conditioned shop.

Some people say they don't give a fuck so often you wonder whether other people's opinion of them is all they ever think about.
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