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historic method - oil painter
Historic method oil painter in Brooklyn
Historic method oil painter in Brooklyn


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Changing one's Desires
I went to the doctor today and we were discussing diet.  He used a phrase that stuck in my head all day. He said, "so that's good, you desired something more healthy to eat - you changed your desires." As he repeated the phrase it just echoed more and more ...

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Titanite or Sphene Gem
Watching cable tonight, the gem network was selling a number of stones called "sphenes". Gotta say - the multifaceted cut was highly specialized by a  featured gemologist, but the stone was quite costly at 250.00/carat. Still one marveled at the extreme fac...

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blinded by the light - chatoyancy
There appears in nature, certain stones that resemble a cat's eye. Light reflects through parallel bands of fibrious material. This phenomenon is known as chatoyancy. Not all stones are useful for making paint, however, I sometimes find myself drawn to cert...

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The past few years have been intense – a constant and unending upheaval in preparing my studio for work again. But this has
been achieved, and I am going full force pouring all the intensity into my work. Here is a brief description of what I do… Here is a ...

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Historic method oil painter uses Sky blue from mineral azurite.
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