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Zakary French (Radruler)
A friendly and enthusiastic gamer fennec-dragon with a passion for reverse engineering :3
A friendly and enthusiastic gamer fennec-dragon with a passion for reverse engineering :3

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Making that magical-mystical ramen broth of your Tampopo dreams at home is a fairly long and involved process of coaxing richness, flavor and texture from lots of ingredients including but not limited to the kinds of meat scraps and bones you're probably not likely to have on hand most days.

But that doesn't mean you can't make a great ramen broth at home with whatever stock you've got on hand and some fairly accessible aromatic components.

Today I'm pan-roasting garlic, ginger, daikon, green onions, carrots, celery and onion that I'm going to add to some surplus chicken, turkey and pork stock I've accumulated over the past few weeks along with some dried shiitakes and dashima (dried kelp), simmering that for about 75 minutes or so before I add some soy sauce and/or miso and possibly just a little bit of sugar to round out the flavors if needed to make an easy and delicious ramen broth that's just a little more wholesome than the stuff that comes in the packet. (And not that I have anything against an occasional bowl of crackalicious instant noodles as many of you well know...)

I'll be back to link the recipe to this post for those who are interested. :)

Other than that, it's an easy Easter Sunday of burgers, fruit, and cookies with friends while our little ones hunt for eggs.

What's cooking in your kitchen today, peeps? :)


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A sad truth indeeed. :( Regardless of the smaller details that people inevitably fight over, the overall ignorance of his passing is a sad statement indeed.
Dennis Ritchie co-invented C which is the basis of basically everything that involves computers. He co-invented UNIX which is the basis of everything computers except Windows (though Windows was very, very extremely influenced by it). Apple's OS X is a UNIX-based platform. But, no, so many people think Steve Jobs did it all alone and that he should be praised as a savior. Not only did he "borrow" ideas, designs, and features from everyone else, he whined if anyone ever did the same. In 1996 he said "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." In 2005 he said "They are shamelessly copying us." This year he said "I'm going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this" and then almost immediately afterward released iOS 5 with a ton of features first introduced in Android. The guy is/was an asshole. I have no patience for a hypocrite like him.

(I wrote this as a response to someone's post containing this picture. I figured I may as well share it here. My opinions on this matter certainly are no secret.)

Oh, totally forgot that adding shared circles actually circles those people for some reason, lol - hi guys :P

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Oh snap, Diablo 3 F&F started yesterday, livestreams all up in here. Just saw a legendary drop, which is not helping the fact I really want to play this game :<

Woah, looks like g+ syndicates 4sq posts from twitter and integrates them with Latitude! Might start posting my checkins on an alt account now, haha (ps, google - fix location detection in-browser or let me set it manually ffs)

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Kinda long post, but tl;dr is that g+ name violation policy is taking too long to revise properly. As-is, people well within regulations can be affected - take caution! Hopefully this will be fixed soon...
Here's another tidbit on my suspension - +Bradley Horowitz VP of Google+ stated in this interview with ZDNET that users would get a warning before a suspension happened - I have gone through almost 600 peices of email that I have saved in my GMail account generated by Google+ - in NONE OF IT was there ever a warning.

I used my real name - and I added my nickname as part of it so my 8500 twitter followers on one account and 5000 twitter followers on my second account could identify me.
I had my REAL photo on my account since DAY ONE! and my profile STILL ends up getting suspended.;txt


Great timing for the g+ iPhone client to be approved - right before comiccon :P

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Also serving as a test to see if duplicates in feed are detected, this is a pretty hilarious yet well-worded tutorial/comic ;3
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a tutorial written by +Ryan Estrada and illustrated by +Inder Singh
14 July 2011 (13 photos)
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Shamelessly grabbed this site from +Badwolf Mike Allgood, short g+ URLs!

edit: link goes to homepage, not my userpage! :P

Final day of the Steam Summer Sale, too bad my Hydrophobia download froze last night :< Final achievements ahoy!
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