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Being sane in an insane world only makes you the crazy one. -An old friend.
Being sane in an insane world only makes you the crazy one. -An old friend.
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Cable and Internet are out. But it's pretty. I guess that's something.

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Was watching the FF14 producer talk, and saw this. I want one for gaming books!

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Rock on!

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The Final Fantasy 14: AAR benchmark came out today. Been twitchy from withdrawl the last couple weeks since the last beta phase ended. 

Benchmark gives you a score based on how the game should run on your system, depending on what you put the settings at. Was very happy that my system was still running strong on maximum settings. Considering my system is a couple years old at this point I expected to do much worse. 

When 14 originally came out the benchmark was pretty rough on systems, they've done a much better job at optimizing the system this time around. I'd really suggest people run it at least once for the video, although it is a big download. It's so pretty though. :)

Score on High: 7574
Score on Maximum: 7363

edit: I should also note you can create a character in the benchmark and it will show up as one of the characters in the video. It's kinda neat. :)

So PS3 had a patch last week (4.45) that was bricking some consoles. Sony released a patch this week (4.46), I hadn't installed 4.45, but once 46 was finished I got the "No appropriate storage drive found" message. Got a bit concerned but killed the unit from the back and it booted up normally after that. 

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Ok, this will be my last post about the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter (outside of a Yay! we finished or I'm gonna go cry in the fetal position :P)

We're under 9 hours at this point left in the KS, it'll end this evening. Someone asked why I'm so hung up on this game; especially when it won't be out for another couple years. I think it really comes down to my first MMO was Ultima Online.

A sandbox type game is a much different experience then the theme park MMO that has become the standard. While I imagine there will be some quests starting off, much of the content of a sandbox type game is the content you make as you experience the world. Also, while you could solo in a game like this you would be depriving yourself of a great deal of the experience. 

I'm having trouble articulating everything I'd like to say on the subject, so i'll add a forum link from one of the other backers

At the time of this writing we are within $80k of our goal. Now this goal is to increase the production time of the game. The game will come out if the kickstarter fails; it will just take longer. However, you have an interest in a world you can actually make a lasting impact in consider the $35 donor level. 

Hope to see you there!

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Only picked up 50k in the last 24 hours. 150k to go, Getting twitchy; the kickstarter ends tomorrow night. Crossing fingers and hoping for the best. 

Sadly, I'd consider taking out a loan, but then the wife might really divorce me. :P

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Went to lunch at my favorite Dim Sum restaurant here in Knoxville.

Today's experiment was trying the Shumai. Effectively a large lump of pork and shrimp meat steamed; oh so delicious though. 

Erika was not as much of a fan of the Steamed Pork buns as I was. shrugs

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800k of 1 million pledged, 50 hours to go! Almost there!

My friends say i have an obsession... ;)
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