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It's about beer
It's about beer

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Why we dont brew. You know you have to know....

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Why don't you brew your own beer?
We get asked this all the time, "Why don't you make your own beer? I'm sure it would be great." Anyone who knows A & I know we enjoy going out to the Tap houses trying new beers. We are the beer snobs of our friend circle. Honestly I think we are both proud...

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The Facebook Like issue
J: You know it is a very interesting thing. Post the same content in multiple places but one if extremely hard to get noticed. It's almost like the follow a different model forcing you to want to pay for the same likes and information you can get elsewhere....

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Someone is ready for the weekend
This raccoon is ready for the weekend. Seems like he had a good night.  

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Two Average guys looking to drink new beers. Everyone has different tastes, likes different brews and had their own opinions. Well we like ours better.

It's the start of a new era, the beginning of a dynasty the world has fliped upside down. We, yes We will review your creations of brew, from top to bottom. Look for more to come soon. #AJBREWREVIEW  
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