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Feature Request: option to use solid color as wallpaper

I'm a minimalist.  I don't want fancy wallpaper as a background on screens.  My current setup is icons on a solid black background, as attached.

To get that, I had to take a photo with the device camera with the lens covered, which produced a pure black picture, then select that as the wallpaper.

It would be nice if Nova offered a solid color option when setting wallpaper with a color picker to select which color, and used that as screen background.

It's possible I'm missing the obvious, but I don't see an option for it.

I'd like to be able to have wallpaper appear only on the defined Home screen.  I have an assortment of screens defined in Nova, deliberately use a solid black background for them, and I want the other screens to stay that way.

An expansion of the concept might be a different wallpaper for each defined screen.  That's not what I need, but I suspect other Nova users would like it.

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Signal Boost: the Wildside Gaming System app

My old friend +Leigh Grossman is working on an app for virtual tabletop gamers, using the Wildside Gaming System.  . (

It's being coded by his wife Rowena, who is a professional web developer.  She's using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (the angular.js library), to create a cross-platform app that will run on anything, with wrappers for mobile devices.

There's a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funding here:

Leigh is fairly confident he'll meet the base funding goal, but wouldn't mind icing on the cake.  If this is the sort of thing that interests you, take a look.  If you can suggest other places where the word can be placed that this is happening, feel free to make suggestions.

(I've been a tabletop gamer in the past, but haven't played the virtual variety, and have no idea who is active in that area and where good channels exist to promote this.)

Thanks in advance.
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I just discovered Termux.  It looks lovely.  But when I try to install from the Play Store I get told it's not compatible with my device.  The device is a  rooted 7" tablet with quad-core ARM7 CPU, 8GB flash, and 2GB app storage  running Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Is there a listing anywhere of the minimum hardware and OS version Termux needs?

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Dennis McCunney commented on a post on Blogger.
Is it possible to get a prior version?  I had AOO installed on my tablet running Jellybean.  I installed v2.0, and installation seemed to work, but trying to run it produced an "Unfortunately  AndrOpenOffice has stopped" message.  I sent a report.

I rebooted the device, and then Android thought AOO simply didn't exist and wasn't installed.  I tried to re-install from Google Play, but installation fails due to insufficient storage, when over 200MB are available.  I suspect v2.0 takes more space than the earlier version.
Do you have any idea of how much storage is required for a successful install?

Meanwhile, the prior version worked and I'd like to revert to it, but that doesn't seem to be an option on Google Play.  If there's another place to get prior versions, I'd be grateful.

Major Version Up
Major Version Up
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85,000 British Pathé Films on YouTube

British Pathé was one of the leading producers of newsreels and documentaries during the 20th Century.  The have turned their entire archive over to YouTube, with content from 1896 through 1976.

Their YouTube channel is here:

#film #newsreel #documentary #photography #BritishPathé  

British Pathé
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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:
Turning the American Dream into a Nightmare

The collapse of the real estate market in 2008 and the subsequent recession it triggered got enormous attention, with bankers taking most of the heat.  What's less understood is that the problems had roots in government policies intended to provide housing for those normally excluded from home ownership.  This online release of a previously published book examines the policies and government agencies involved in carrying them out.

#economics #housing #realestate #governmentpolicy #recession  
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The Vignelli Canon

Lars Müller Publishers issued The Vignelli Canon, a book by iconic Italian designer Massimo Vignelli, where he laid out his principles of design.  In 2009, Vignelli made it available as a free download in PDF form from his website.

Vignelli has had a long and vibrant career, whose work includes a corporate identity program for American Airlines and a map of the New York City subway system.  (A personal favorite of mine is his work as Art Director for Skyline, a magazine once published by the American Institute of Architects, where Vignelli demonstrated what could be done in a tabloid format.)

#graphicsdesign #typography #massimo_vignelli  
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Free Speech

+ 1,000,000!

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Abbot Suger and St. Denis
A symposium edited by Paula Gerson Lieber

Saint Denis was one of the most important churches in medieval France, and Abbot Suger was one of the most important churchmen.  In 1137, he decided to rebuild the Church of St. Denis, which was the burial ground of French monarchs.  His patronage of the arts during the process led directly to the development of the Gothic style of architecture.

In 1986, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City published a symposium on Suger's contributions to architecture, distributed through art publisher Harry N. Abrams.  It's now available for download in PDF form.{9652921F-519F-4987-BA2A-FA6BD8E0BF33}&dept={C42777DD-F3A8-453D-9063-88A5DEFDA6FA}&fmt=Downloadpdf

#art #architecture #history #gothicarchitecture #religion #saintdenis #abbotsuger  
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