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Kenny Shafer
I like skateboarding, music and SEO stuff
I like skateboarding, music and SEO stuff

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Job opening in a castle near you...

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PLEASE SHARE! With a lot of help, I've started up a skateboarding-focused non-profit group in Richmond, called RASA (Richmond Area Skateboard Alliance). Our first project ( is a clean-up of a DIY skate spot called "Texas Beach" and giving away some skateboards to the kids in the neighborhood. If you can support this project (any amount helps and is accepted), please follow the link). Thanks everyone! Looking forward to doing great things!

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We tested the polar vortex/boiling water trick +Snagajob 

Time for another "hypothetical"!

Let's say you have a client whose traffic shows all the signs of being hit by Penguin and/or the "Phantom" update. Let's say this client's link profile has tens upon tens of millions of links...all coming from extremely high quality sites. BUT, pretty much all of those links are coming from widgets. You know the ones...the old search box with a couple of deep links and a "powerd by..." logo/link.

Now, let's say you had the ability to set all the links from these widgets to nofollow with relatively low LOE.  Remember, these are high quality major newspapers or tv network sites...and there are tens of millions of these links. A few million links coming from each domain. 

Would you recommend setting every single one of these links to nofollow? If so, how do you make you case? Discuss! (and thanks!)

Hi all! Time for another question...

Has anyone out there ever used Google's Translate API to create an alternate language version of there site that could be indexed and ranked by Google? Specifically, does something like this violate the API and Developer TOS? I'm looking at this quote specifically:

"Sometimes, requests made on behalf of search engine crawlers, as they visit your pages, can result in blocks. To bring your site in line with the Terms (which prohibit automated queries), please utilize a robots.txt or otherwise prevent crawlers' requests from triggering API requests.  "

Does this mean that one actually CAN'T create a crawlable/rankable alt-language version of their site using the Google API? 

Thanks in advance!

Hey all! I've got a question I'm hoping you can help out with. Here's the scenario:

What makes a site rank great in one country and not at all in another? Let's say you rank for something hard, like "cars for sale" in the US. Now, you want to expand your inventory into Canada.

You do a little research:
- The first thing you notice is that your site is really nowhere to be found on You do a search and your homepage isn't even the first result. (of course, you don't currently have any inventory on your site from Canada.)
- You notice that all the sites on the first page have "Whois" contact info listed somewhere in Canada.
- Your site compares exceedingly favorable when runing OpenSiteExplorer reports for you and your competition in Canada

So that leaves us with a couple of questions:
1) Is not considering the site at all since it doesn't currently have ANY inventory in that region? (so...if you build it, they will come?)

2) Does where the site's contact info or where it's hosted have ANY bearing on the ability to rank in another country's google?

3) Could you try to even predict any sort of ROI/traffic from a project aimed at expanding a site's reach outside their currently country.

Thanks again!
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