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Reia Chmielowski

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I have finally made the time to make it possible to have more than one gmail address logged in at a time, which means it is finally possible to read stuff here while not needing to log out the address which has the google reader feed set up (but which doesn't have a real name associated with it, only my real initials, so I didn't find out until today that the google+ for that account has been suspended. Silly people.
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First one has to change one's account settings to make multiple log ins possible, then one can click on your user name in the upper right corner to switch from one to another, or log in one which isn't logged in at the moment.
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Reia Chmielowski

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Is there a way to consolidate all of my gmail addresses into a single Google+ thing so that I don't have to log out of one to see another (or open a different browser, which is what I am doing now)? Preferably without making it possible for people who are in the circles of one to see the circles of the others...
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of course, with a search function ironically missing from Google's network, I was unable to find the post I was thinking of. Searching for it on Google, however, came up with " "
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