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Coming Home
Well we survived one week at home, more about that later.  We are so thankful to be home.  The trip home was not fun but it had to be done so we just did it.  We got up at 5 am to get a 6 am breakfast and a 6:30 van to Hong Kong.   I must say that the van r...

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Some Pictures from Our Last Days in China
 We didn't do too much the last few days in China.  We did visit the memorial to Sun Yat Sen and the Temple of Six Banyan Trees.  The Memorial was a large auditorium...not much to look at, really. The Temple happened to be under least there ...

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 We have always, as a family, wanted to see pandas.  Finally, we have. (Jim here) Yesterday we went to the Guangzhou Safari Park.  We went with a couple families.  Below is one of the new additions to one of those families.  He kept pointing out trucks and ...

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Consulate Day!
We had our consulate appointment today!  There are no pictures from that as you are not allowed to take any electronics inside.  We were there with 10 other families, but we were the only one from our agency.  We found out that we might not have been the wo...

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Shamian Island
 We took a trip to Shamian Island yesterday to do some shopping.  Last time we stayed ON the island.  The prices were pretty good last time, but this time, they were a bit more spending.  Our guide said that the economy is changing here as well as everywher...

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Pearl River Cruise
Saturday, was just a paperwork day for us.  Our guide came to our room to do some paperwork and that was all for adoption stuff yesterday.  Our Guide had arranged a Pearl River Cruise for us that night.  It is something we didn't get to do the last time we ...

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Visiting the Orphanage
Yesterday we had the very special opportunity to visit Hailey's orphanage.  She spent the first 16 months of her life in this place and it is a very important part of her story.  We were not able to visit Chloe's orphanage so it is a special event that you ...

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Packing, Packing and More Packing!
We are in the final stages of getting ready for Miss Hailey Grace!  We spent the weekend preparing and packing.  I think we have everything we need probably more than we need. We leave on Wednesday and I can't believe it is already here. Chloe is so excited...

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Birthday Weekend
Chloe turned 6 today!  Today she woke up super excited to be 6! It has been a whole weekend full of fun events.   We started on Friday with a movie in the park.  Chloe found a friend from School that we sat with she has made several friends and it is nice t...

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Busy Saturday
Yesterday, we had a pretty busy day.  No busy-ness was planned it just needed to be done.   First off Birthday Party Maddness - We have had a few things going on lately so Chloe's Birthday party has taken a back burner.  So yesterday Chloe and I set out to ...
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