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Gill Fielding
Gill Fielding is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense and positive approach to finance designed to help anyone achieve what she describes as 'Financial Freedom.'
Gill Fielding is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense and positive approach to finance designed to help anyone achieve what she describes as 'Financial Freedom.'


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I had one of those bizarre and spooky money things happen to me today. They have happened many times before but they never cease to amaze, and delight me.
I was visiting a friend in hospital and had a quick lunch in the café there. I was in the queue to pay for my sandwich and cup of tea (total price £2.90), standing behind a woman medic in blue ‘scrubs’. She had a roll and a takeaway tea, and as she got to the cashier, the price rung up on the till and she looked at the handful of change she had and squealed ‘oh I haven’t got enough money’.
I immediately said, don’t worry I’ll pay...... Read more (

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I've started blogging regularly on our Fielding Financial Family site.

In my first week of posts you'll find pieces on the opportunities presented by commuters, why now is the perfect time for property investment and my thoughts on the government's 'Help to Buy Scheme' 

Well what a mess this LIBOR and Barclays thing is and we now have the Chief Executive and the Chairman of Barclays looking for work elsewhere. And although the media and watchdog wolves have got their men, there are two problems with that:

1. All the other banks are being investigated under the same issue – and it’s been suggested that all the banks – major and minor - will be found to have been doing the same ‘adjustments’ to their interest rate reports for LIBOR. So the logical conclusion is that every bank will end up being fined, and then losing their Chief Executive and Chairman when all the reviews are done – so we will then have no-one with any banking experience in a senior position during a time of turmoil. That’s smart! It’s like sacking all the potential England football managers and then recruiting the manager of the local boy’s team to the England job and saying – now go and beat the Spaniards. 

2. The indication is that Barclays adjusted their LIBOR reports after a phone call with the deputy governor of the bank of England who wanted the adjustments done to help ease the UK banking system through a difficult time – now if that turns out to be true then haven’t we lost the wrong men?

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Apparently the top 1,000 people in the UK have increased their wealth in the last three years by £155 billion, which is enough to pay off the entire current UK budget deficit and still leave them £30 billion left over.

We know that being rich is just a matter of following the wealth creation formulas and running that recipe again and again. And that make sense. Rich people know that and run the formula constantly.

My view is that we need to put the country’s finances into the hands of people who know what they’re doing – and that isn’t any Chancellor...

Read more on my blog:

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I am soooo excited because the Times Rich list came out yesterday and I haven’t put it down since it arrived, and it will be my bed time reading for the next week! I love reading about all the wealthy people and more importantly I like to look for common strands, the links and any sniff of a ‘formula’ for wealth. I believe that if we can identify the pattern, the wealth DNA if you like, then all we have to do is to follow and replicate it.

Read more on my blog:

I never read my stars, and have no idea why I did today, but whilst I was having my breakfast I casually turned to the horoscopes and read that I had to ‘put my big idea across’ and that I should focus on ‘political matters later on’.

The reason that knocked me for six was that later on I am off to London hoping to put my big idea across – the concept of MoneyMum and the Financial 5 a Day – at a reception and, Ok you may have guessed it, the Prime Minister, David Cameron will be there!

So my stars are right on all counts today, and maybe I have been wrong to dismiss them before. My mind has been opened today on one score – so how about making sure that your mind is open to money today – come and read something on our web site and see if it lights a spark for you.

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I am a member of our local amateur dramatic society and this week we are ’in production’ and last night everything went wrong!

Firstly the lights front right failed meaning that all of us had to stand on the other side of the stage to be seen – rather like the survivors of the Titanic trying to rebalance the ship. Then our smoke machine failed and as the play is an MR James ghost story it meant that our ghost (who normally appears as if by magic behind the smoke) was seen in full view climbing out from his hidey hole behind the fireplace rather like a grumpy Father Christmas.

THEN our star, who has never missed a word in 12 weeks of rehearsals (or 10 years of performance), missed out half a scene of dialogue and had to be taken back by the prompt and to top it all in one of my final dramatic lines rather than saying clear and simple I said, ‘steer and climple’.

Oh dear.

Read more about it on my blog:

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The IMF half yearly Global Financial Stability Report has just been issued and it contains some very good news and some bad news. First the good news – we are all living longer – hooray!!! And massive improvements in health care are paying off and we are leading, longer, fuller and fitter lives.

However the bad news is that this is having a devastating impact on pension provision and projections now suggest that a person born today won’t be able to retire until they are 80.

Read more about it on my blog:

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I know the BBC's Syndicate (started last Tuesday) is only a drama and all that, but when is our culture and our society going to stop making propaganda about how destructive and horrible money is? A broke group of northern working class people win the lottery and gradually realise that they were better off and happier BEFORE they had the money!

Sadly, if we don’t have this underlying acceptance or belief that we deserve or are worth the money that comes to us, we WILL contrive to lose it. If we can build up a belief and knowledge of wealth early on, then all money that comes to you will stay with you. It’s a simple lesson that we need to teach people, and the production of programmes like this with its underlying money hate just keeps the financial knowledge of our populace in the dark ages...
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