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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

Reason 6 - Help bring KDE applications to your portable device

KDE is bringing freedom to mobile computing—tablets, smartphones, cars, watches and more! Mobile can be anywhere; the elegance and polish of Plasma can be everywhere. KDE is well known for supporting desktop and laptop users. With the growing number of portable devices and their importance to many people,  KDE's impact is expanding too. Your donation supports Free Software at your desk or on-the-go.
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+Sebastian Kügler​, I have not made any financial calculation, it was just a thing nice to have as a user/donor. Maybe I'll give a thought about make a business over it even if it could be a thing with a market too small to be possible.
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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

Reason 5 - Benefits Beyond KDE

From the beginning, KDE has been committed to Free Software for all people; it's part of the KDE Manifesto. That includes everyone, not just people who use KDE products and technology. KDE freedom and innovation are available to anyone, to any company. For example, in 2011, developers at the Randa Meetings worked on a strategy to migrate KDE libraries to modular Qt-based Frameworks. As a result, time-tested, high quality capabilities from a wide range of KDE applications are easily available to all Qt developers who can realize substantial savings in time and money. Apple and other tech companies have used software developed by KDE to make their own software products. If you are a computer user, you have probably already enjoyed the benefits that KDE provides. Donate to #KDEsprints and share the technology.
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8 reasons to donate to the #KDEsprints 2015 fundraising campaign
Reason 4 - The most productive way to enhance KDE software
KDE technologies evolve through a number of different efforts by various kinds of KDE contributors. Among these, in-person meetings (sprints) are where the real amazing things happen. Some of the most innovative KDE technologies originated from sprints. The amount of work accomplished during sprints is remarkably high, because contributors dedicate that time exclusively to enhancing the software delivered by KDE, leveraging skills, thinking about the future of technology and our community, and helping newcomers overcome obstacles to being productive. Make a donation and help bring KDE technology to higher levels!
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Keep up the great work
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How can KDE have more impact? Find out what people at Akademy thought.
Last year I went to Akademy with two notebooks and sharpies and asked people to draw or write about one thing they think would make KDE better. This year I did the same again. The question was: “What's the one thing KDE should do to have more impact?” Here are some of the great results: ...
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more sane defaults?
Users-only don't care about much configuration - they care about sane defaults that dont need config.
But this does not mean to remove configuration possibility - just make sane defaults :~
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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

#2 - You'll help create a supportive atmosphere for new contributors to KDE

Most of the time, free software contribution is done by volunteers who work remotely and communicate with other contributors over the Internet. A lot of KDE development work is accomplished that way. However, there is a remarkable boost in productivity, cooperation, overcoming of barriers and synergistic decision making when developers are brought together for in-person meetings (sprints). Sprints are a catalyst for hard and focused work. They help to build friendships, strengthen motivation, and bring together more experienced contributors. Sprints also encourage participation from new people who are committed to free software excellence, people with technical skills and fresh ideas. Yes, you can help to make all of this happen!
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That is not a "donation", that is "paying someone to do something". :)
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KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries.

New in KDE Frameworks 5.13.0

New frameworks

* KFileMetadata: file metadata and extraction library
* Baloo: file indexing and searching framework

Changes affecting all frameworks

* The Qt version requirement has been bumped from 5.2 to 5.3
* Debug output has been ported to categorized output, for less noise by default
* Docbook documentation has been reviewed and updated

Framework Integration

* Fix crash in directories-only file dialog
* Don't rely on options()->initialDirectory() for Qt < 5.4

KDE Doxygen Tools

* Add man pages for kapidox scripts and update maintainer info in


* KBookmarkManager: use KDirWatch instead of QFileSystemWatcher to detect user-places.xbel being created.


* HiDPI fixes for KLineEdit/KComboBox
* KLineEdit: Don't let the user delete text when the lineedit is readonly


* Don't recommend to use deprecated API
* Don't generate deprecated code


* Add Kdelibs4Migration::kdeHome() for cases not covered by resources
* Fix tr() warning
* Fix KCoreAddons build on Clang+ARM


* KDBusService: document how to raise the active window, in Activate()


* Fix deprecated KRun::run call
* Same behavior of MouseArea to map coords of filtered child events
* Detect initial face icon being created
* Don't refresh the entire window when we render the plotter (bug 348385)
* add the userPaths context property
* Don't choke on empty QIconItem

KDELibs 4 Support

* kconfig_compiler_kf5 moved to libexec, use kreadconfig5 instead for the findExe test
* Document the (suboptimal) replacements for KApplication::disableSessionManagement


* change sentence about reporting bugs, ack'ed by dfaure
* adapt german user.entities to en/user.entities
* Update general.entities: change markup for frameworks + plasma from application to productname
* Update en/user.entities
* Update book and man page templates
* Use CMAKE_MODULE_PATH in cmake_install.cmake
* BUG: 350799 (bug 350799)
* Update general.entities
* Search for required perl modules.
* Namespace a helper macro in the installed macros file.
* Adapted key name tranlations to standard tranlations provided by Termcat


* Install Breeze theme
* Kemoticons: make Breeze emotions standard instead of Glass
* Breeze emoticon pack made by Uri Herrera


* Let KHtml be useable w/o searching for private deps


* Remove temporary string allocations.
* Remove Theme tree debug entry


* Private headers for platform plugins get installed.


* Kill unneeded QUrl wrappers


* New proxy: KExtraColumnsProxyModel, allows to add columns to an existing model.


* Fix the starting Y position for fallback popups
* Reduce dependencies and move to Tier 2
* catch unknown notification entries (nullptr deref) (bug 348414)
* Remove pretty much useless warning message

Package Framework

* make the subtitles, subtitles ;)
* kpackagetool: Fix output of non-latin text to stdout


* Add AllPhoneNumbersProperty
* PersonsSortFilterProxyModel now available for usage in QML


* krosscore: Install CamelCase header "KrossConfig"
* Fix Python2 tests to run with PyQt5


* Fix kbuildsycoca --global
* KToolInvocation::invokeMailer: fix attachment when we have multi attachement


* guard default log level for Qt < 5.4.0, fix log cat name
* add hl for Xonotic (bug 342265)
* add Groovy HL (bug 329320)
* update J highlighting (bug 346386)
* Make compile with MSVC2015
* less iconloader use, fix more pixelated icons
* enable/disable find all button on pattern changes
* Improved search & replace bar
* remove useless ruler from powermode
* more slim search bar
* vi: Fix misreading of markType01 flag
* Use correct qualification to call base method.
* Remove checks, QMetaObject::invokeMethod guards itself against that already.
* fix HiDPI issues with color pickers
* Cleanup coe: QMetaObject::invokeMethod is nullptr safe.
* more comments
* change the way the interfaces are null safe
* only output warnings and above per default
* remove todos from the past
* Use QVarLengthArray to save the temporary QVector iteration.
* Move the hack to indent group labels to construction time.
* Fixup some serious issues with the KateCompletionModel in tree mode.
* Fix broken model design, which relied on Qt 4 behavior.
* obey umask rules when saving new file (bug 343158)
* add meson HL
* As Varnish 4.x introduces various syntax changes compared to Varnish 3.x, I wrote additional, separate syntax highlighting files for Varnish 4 (varnish4.xml, varnishtest4.xml).
* fix HiDPI issues
* vimode: don't crash if the <c-e> command gets executed in the end of a document. (bug 350299)
* Support QML multi-line strings.
* fix syntax of oors.xml
* add CartoCSS hl by Lukas Sommer (bug 340756)
* fix floating point HL, use the inbuilt Float like in C (bug 348843)
* split directions did got reversed (bug 348845)
* Bug 348317 - [PATCH] Katepart syntax highlighting should recognize \u0123 style escapes for JavaScript (bug 348317)
* add *.cljs (bug 349844)
* Update the GLSL highlighting file.
* fixed default colors to be more distinguishable


* Delete old highlighter

KWallet Framework

* Fix Windows build
* Print a warning with error code when opening the wallet by PAM fails
* Return the backend error code rather than -1 when opening a wallet failed
* Make the backend's "unknown cipher" a negative return code
* Watch for PAM_KWALLET5_LOGIN for KWallet5
* Fix crash when MigrationAgent::isEmptyOldWallet() check fails
* KWallet can now be unlocked by PAM using kwallet-pam module


* New API taking QIcon parameters to set the icons in the tab bar
* KCharSelect: Fix unicode category and use boundingRect for width calculation
* KCharSelect: fix cell width to fit contents
* KMultiTabBar margins now are ok on HiDPI screens
* KRuler: deprecate unimplemented KRuler::setFrameStyle(), clean up comments
* KEditListWidget: remove margin, so it aligns better with other widgets


* Harden NETWM data reading (bug 350173)
* guard for older Qt versions like in kio-http
* Private headers for platform plugins are installed.
* Platform specific parts loaded as plugins.


* Fix method behavior KShortcutsEditorPrivate::importConfiguration

Plasma Framework

* Using a pinch gesture one can now switch between the different zoom levels of the calenda
* comment about code duplication in icondialog
* Slider groove color was hardcoded, modified to use color scheme
* Use QBENCHMARK instead of a hard requirement on the machine's performance
* Calendar navigation has been significantly improved, providing a year and decade overview
* PlasmaCore.Dialog now has an 'opacity' property
* Make some space for the radio button
* Don't show the circular background if there's a menu
* Add X-Plasma-NotificationAreaCategory definition
* Set notifications and osd to show on all desktops
* Print useful warning when we can not get valid KPluginInfo
* Fix potential endless recursion in PlatformStatus::findLookAndFeelPackage()
* Rename software-updates.svgz to software.svgz


* Add in CMake bits to enable building of Voikko plugin.
* Implement Sonnet::Client factory for Voikko spell chekers.
* Implement Voikko based spell checker (Sonnet::SpellerPlugin)

#Qt #CPP #CPlusPlus  
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Seth Kenlon shows us how to add lower thirds to video in #Kdenlive.

#videoediting   #linux  
Seth Kenlon shows us how to add lower thirds to video in Kdenlive.
View original post
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Plasma 5.4 by @kdecommunity adds an imperial ton of new features and a metric tonne of polishing
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Nice job ! I really enjoy it on my Arch Linux testing ;)
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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign

#3 - KDE independence

Developing high quality software systems is a complex set of tasks that requires time, energy and money. Large corporations in the software industry have the primary goals of revenue generation and market share, often at a cost to users of privacy breaches, vendor lock-in and shady manipulation. The KDE Community is committed to your freedom and strives to stay independent of commercial pressures that have no legitimate free software purpose. Your donation is crucial to maintaining KDE as an independent, innovative organization, where users' freedom, openness, and software quality are the primary goals.
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+RJV B  Something like that, they certainly want you to shell out, dude!
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KDE Applications 15.08.0 brings us Kontact Suite technical preview, more apps ported to KDE Frameworks 5 and new features!
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8 reasons to donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign:

#1 - You can say 'Thank You' for all the nice things Free Software has given to you

Look around yourself! Free Software is everywhere, enabling the most advanced technologies delivered by personal computers, smartphones, TV sets, and other gadgets. We certainly wouldn't be seeing so many achievements without the availability of well-proven, mature, and trusted Free Software. KDE technology has been at the core of a number of current cutting edge solutions.
Donate to the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising campaign and say a big 'Thank You' for all the nice things we have helped creating for almost 20 years:
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Keep up the good work guys ! Oh .. and more HiDPI support would be great.
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We take an in-depth look at the Dolphin file manager:
Knowing our heads are swimming, David Both takes us on a deep dive through Dolphin, KDE's default file manager, in this comprehensive tutorial.
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