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Daniel Noesgaard
Biomedicine and social media nerd working in a museum world :-)
Biomedicine and social media nerd working in a museum world :-)


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Today is Pi Day (3/14/15 in the American date format), and so it's great day to point out to everybody you know that pi is actually total crap and we should be using tau (τ) instead -- pi times two, or 6.28318... because it makes so much more sense. 

Put briefly, while pi is the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter, tau divides it by the radius. As the linked Tau Manifest points out, nobody really uses the diameter, it's the radius that shows up in lots of formulas, where we also find 2 * pi all over again (Gaussian and Fourier for instance). And that's tau.

Tau's true beauty shines when we use radians for angles of a circle. With pi, a full turn is 2*pi, which makes everything messy (quick, what is a fifth of a turn?) -- with tau, the full turn is simply one tau (see drawing below). A fifth of a turn is simply tau/5.  

Pi to tau is like an orc to an elf, and so pi needs to die like a ring melting in a volcano. Join the revolution today, and help elegance and beauty prevail.  

Hey +Terry Mun, I just added you here, because I assumed that you of all people would be in here :) But I'm curious to know what you think of G+ and why you aren't using it more? :) 

Hey kids, I'm back. Did you miss me?

Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota

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A body that believes it is getting an energy boost (as the sweet taste of the soda implies) and then does not may react by going into WTF mode (Where’s the Fructose?) :-D

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Enæggede tvillinger hvor den ene tvilling har Downs syndrom MIND BLOWN

Nogen der har erfaringer med at droppe YouSee som tv-leverandør til boligforening - og har bud på nye mere attraktive løsninger?

It's kind of ironic that the platform on which I have the most followers, is the platform I use the least...

If only +Buffer supported Google+...
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