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Considering upgrading my phone for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon Go. A little part of me died inside when I realised it doesn't work on my trusty Galaxy S3.

That incredible feeling of euphoria you get when you spend ages building a system, switch it on and it works first time.

**Commence the nipple rubbing celebration**

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So I've been recognised by EdFirst as the official website, software and IT provider for schools in the extended Hartlepool area!

Easiest job I'll have all day - fixing an external hard drive that didn't work. Turns out the screws weren't large enough to hold it in place so it kept on falling out of the connector.


It's my time of the month.

I've got 1 minute of available call time on my phone to last 2 days. One lucky person will have the pleasure of making me use it :)

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Careers Day at Manor Academy on Monday. Not even ashamed to admit they caught me eyeing up the biscuits!

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Not even ashamed to say that I get excited when stuff like this shows up on my doorstep :)


I bought a green screen studio.

Now I need a bigger house!

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Shameless self promotion from when I blitzed Manor Academy

What a start to the year!

One of the charities I support emailed me to say there internet network was making a funny noise. Got there to have a look at 11.30 to find there entire network drive, ports, switches and UPS had blew up over the holidays!

I managed to cobble it all back together, made some calls to get new equipment delivered ASAP. Spent 5 hours setting up a new network, delicately moving files from a scorched network drive that barely switched on, but just had enough power to allow for a low speed internet connection.

Finally the documents finished copying at 4.20pm.

At 4.30pm the old network drive went 'pop'. And that was that.

They have no idea how close they were to total disaster.
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