Must-read reflection on a nested trend in #hightech: Eliminating humans. @david byrne doesn't allow comments, so I'll do that here. My context is ten years of #ethnographic research of #socialmedia: I study levels of human behavior at scale and mentor teams on interacting to build #trust.
• As Byrne emphasizes, human interaction is a blessing/curse, BUT that's its beauty: if you know the outcome, there can be no joy. Joy arises from uncertainty.
Machines have no will, so they cannot be empathic or caring. It is only because humans can lie and deceive that trust and intimacy are possible. A machine can store and use intimate information about you, but its use of this information is not intimate; it is efficient. I riffed longer on this in my review of Nicholas Carr's The Big Switch (see Analysis & Conclusions)
• As Byrne points out, many human interactions don't add value, but that's due to context, not inherent state. Context is driven by the fact that most humans are employed in organizations that have evolved according to an inhuman industrial impulse. The humans, being more adaptable, have evolved to be more mechanical. Most are alienated in this environment (Exhibit A, the "employee engagement" crisis Both employee and customer are impoverished by this organization and economy, and it is changing.
Anything a machine can do loses value very quickly/commoditizes because it's merely expected. Machines cannot delight, they can satisfy and frustrate but not delight. The market is bifurcating into efficiency/commoditization and high value/delight/experience. Humans can drive the latter.
• Ultimately, the value of human life is driven by meaning, and machines cannot play here because they have no life or destiny or death. Sharing the challenge of encountering uncertainty and serendipity is the sphere of one's fellow humans; machines have no soul and no will. I'm thinking about our discussion this morn, +Mark J. Carter !
• This state of affairs is an awesome opportunity; my teams mentor client teams on how to interact in digital public to delight and increase profit. That's #experiential #socialmedia =>

Obviously, this could be a book, but I'll stop here for now. What do you think?
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