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Christopher Rollyson

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Did you know that many so-called business "good practices" unknowingly encourage #customers  and #employees  to MIStrust firms? Here's how it happens. Check out the How do you feel when list!
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Christopher Rollyson

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Complement to the #SocialMedia   #strategy  lessons learned at the Good practices!
Social media strategy good practices is a short list of principles that can make your firm stand out when empowering customer and employee experience
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Christopher Rollyson

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I hope #automakers learn IT's lesson from the #consumerization of IT:

"... the digital console of the car where drivers control A/C, music, and navigation can have a decidedly old-school feel when compared to the functionality and look of a smartphone. The touchscreen in many cars can be finicky and hard to use, forcing many drivers to use their smartphone for navigation or music" #connected   #car  
The Hyundai Sonata has become the first car to integrate Google Android Auto. On its heels, Apple prepares to roll out its own in-car platform.
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Christopher Rollyson

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Christopher Rollyson

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Reeling... I am not a partisan; I vote independent, and today I realize that I've voted for every American president that's prevailed since I've been voting. I vote for the person that I think is the most appropriate leader given the country's needs at the time.

I have serious reservations about both candidates, and I voted for Hillary, whom I've never trusted, because I felt she was the least bad choice. Now the unthinkable has happened.

My first impression is that anger has won the 2016 election in a clean sweep, and how we shall see how it governs. Anger can be a very useful emotion, and appropriate, but, like fear, it rarely leads to wise decisions about complex issues. It breaks things.

I hope that winning the election will quench some of the anger in America, but I am preparing for a very different political environment. I hope that this outcome wakes up more of the population. I think we need to be much, much, much more active; I plan to be, anyway. It is obvious that the political and economic policies can no longer be left to "the system." It needs significant change, and I plan to be a part of that.

How about you?
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Christopher Rollyson

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Don't be surprised: Post anticipates DDoS attack on USA election day, comments drill into details
Update: Our own migration to multiple redundant DNS providers was completed at 10am Pacific time this morning, Friday November 4th. Two weeks ago, DNS provider Dyn was attacked in a very large DDoS attack. IoT devices were used to send an overwhelming amount of traffic to Dyn’s resolvers which resulted in Dyn effectively being taken offline for …
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Christopher Rollyson

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Key points of a presentation I just gave to a large team.. I think some of these will surprise you!
Just out! #SocialMedia   #strategy  lessons learned: How many do you know? The App shows users how to practice these and many more...
Social media strategy lessons learned summarizes some golden rules I’ve learned while leading strategy and its execution for global firms.
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Christopher Rollyson

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#ArtificialIntelligence not ready for prime time: => #Microsoft #Twitter #bot in penalty box after racist, sexist tweets. Like a parrot taught swear words by naughty children. Methinks the #AI team needs reshuffling, this was SO predictable ;^) 
Tay, Microsoft Corp's so-called chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage with millennials on Twitter, lasted less than a day before it was hobbled by a barrage of racist and sexist comments by Twitter users that it parroted back to them.
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Christopher Rollyson

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All, my 2nd "book" is an app called the +The Social Channel App and its page just shared the 1st experiential social media case study so I wanted to make sure you saw it!
Very exciting news! The first experiential case study is now live! Here's the presentation version, which has a link to the longer text version for those who want to drill down. This case study compares results of:
• Conventional brand-focused social media that shared content
• Experiential stakeholder-focused social media that shared content
• Experiential stakeholder-focused social media that interacted

Check out the amazing results!!
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Christopher Rollyson

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Indium used its blog to slash marketing costs and win MORE clients; here's how
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Management Consultant
social business, strategy, mentoring, management, consulting, analysis, adoption, model, methodology, framework, agile,
  • CSRA Inc.
    Managing Director, 2006 - present
    Vice President Marketing & Alliances, 2002 - 2006
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Services
    Principal, Strategic Change, 1998 - 2001
  • KPMG
    Marketing Director, Midwest High Technology Practice, 1997 - 1998
    Head of Marketing, 1995 - 1997
  • Rollyson and Associates
    Principal, 1991 - 1995
  • Free-lance
    English/French/Italian Interpreter, 1984 - 1985
Basic Information
Experiential Social Media | Social Business | Digital Transformation for Commercial, NFP & Government Enterprises
I am passionate about helping people lead in high-stakes situations. For 30 years, I have worked with organizations to adopt technologies, processes and behaviors that change the rules. I've worked on both sides of the desk, guiding clients on using disruption as a consultant and leading transformation as a line executive (marketing). Some firms I've worked with: IBM, Sun Microsystems, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Motorola, UBS, GM, Sears, Micron, Thomson... 

What I do that is unusual: create rapid innovation cycles and adoption tools, so clients can move ahead of the market; I know the technology, marketing and the diffusion of innovation. My clients constantly tell me that I can explain complicated or unknown technologies in ways they can understand and act on, as well as commercial applications of these technologies.

Today I lead CSRA Inc., a consultancy that advises on #experiential social media and social business strategy and execution. We get into the trenches with our clients and show them how to increase trust with people they care about, faster and cheaper than ever before. Some unusual facets of my experience:
  • CSRA just completed a case study in which experiential social media outperformed legacy (traditional) social media 4-to-1 in incoming ecommerce sessions and 7-to-1 in ecommerce pageviews. We do it by empowering people in reaching their goals, not by promoting our client. But the ecommerce site was our client's!
  • I often create & leverage proprietary IP (intellectual property) to facilitate adoption
  • I've managed multi-party engagements as a consultant as well as complex marketing programs as an executive, a rare combination
  • I have analytical & creative design experience, so I can create products, programs and new ventures that solve business problems
  • I've lived and worked in 6 countries... speak several languages
  • For SPEAKING/CONFERENCE qualifications (+ pdf/video/podcast links), see
Bragging rights
My second book published in December 2015. See: | Authored social networks chapter of Global Innovation Science Handbook (see links, this page)
  • University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business
    Corporate Strategy, 2000 - 2000
  • University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business
    Economics, 1989 - 1990
  • Université de Clermont-Ferrand France
    French, 1984 - 1984
  • Volkshochschule Tiergarten Berlin
    German, 1985 - 1985
  • Kalamazoo College
    History (French), 1978 - 1982
  • Liceo Americano d'Aviano/Aviano American High School
    College Preparatory, 1974 - 1977
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I've been to this Starbucks several times over the past year to work between meetings for a few hours each time. PLUS: It has a very nice veranda on a side street with nice trees and dappled sun afternoons, a real summer plus. MINUS: the HVAC is overcaffeinated.. it's always FREEZing. Obviously I've tried various tables, etc., but during fall I've even been driven outside in the 50s to "warm up." Bundle up if you're going to stay a while ;^(
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Here for the first time at a #socialmedia #club; great food and beer on tap; beautiful patio on Cleveland, too; artsy interior. Really cool 2-person "booths" with curtains, imagine opera box for two.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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