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Registrations for the Open Source Developer's Conference 2015 in Hobart (Oct 27-29) are now open

The draft schedule is up at

Tell your friends! It's going to be great!

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Go freedom to invade privacy!

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Most important decision to make today.. which keyboard switch to get.. Cherry Brown, Blue, Black, Red...

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What dev board should I get next... FPGA or ARM? Why not Zoidberg? I mean both!

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Saturday is Software Freedom Day.

Why do we care? 

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other web destinations would not exist today without free and open software. 

Tens of thousands of businesses, tools, apps and games would not exist without access to free (as in beer AND speech) software.

The free software community has given us Linux, the operating system that Widows wants to be when it grows up, and much more.

Being able to use, examine, improve and extend millions of lines of excellent free computer code made these sites, apps and tools possible. 

If Google, Twitter and Facebook had been forced to pay huge licence fees for the software they where built on, they would still be in mommy's garage. They would NOT be available to us today.

Please come and learn about free software on Saturday.  And ask the guys about writing computer games, they DO know how!

In Launceston go to the Launceston Bowls Club, Home Point Parade, Royal Park between 10am and 3pm

This is the location:,147.1324032,99m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

See you there!

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Put me down for one order of each of these O'Reilly titles.

Awesome our team for the prize for the best use of taxation data from the ATO at the GovHack awards night 😆
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