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My son and I agree. The new World Trade Center rocks. Google Glass? The hit of the crowds in New York.

Our bartenders were just raving over them. A guy on the street stopped me and asked if I had Glass. "yep."


Translation for those who don't understand youth language: "can I try them on pretty please?"

#throughglass of course!

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für jeden dem kein Grund einfällt Titanic noch einmal anzusehen

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Countries and their food
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Breaking the Sound Barrier by +Dwayne Andrejczuk

This phenomenon is called Prandtl–Glauert singularity, The Prandtl–Glauert singularity is the prediction by the Prandtl–Glauert transformation that infinite pressure conditions would be experienced by an aircraft as it approaches the speed of sound.
Breaking the Sound Barrier by Dwayne Andrejczuk (6 photos)
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help Sascha saving his work
Help needed. We are about to lose our Youtube Channel

I hope that someone of my followers can help me because due to 3 copyright strikes in the last 2 months, we are about to
lose our Youtube channel on the 12th of January. A channel with 22k subscribers, over 2000 videos and more than 50 million views.

What happened?

Since the first week of November Samsung, Nokia and (today)Microsoft filed copyright claims against us. This is happening when users are uploading content that infringes the copyrights of another company or account.

Like each and every professional media outlet we are attending press events and shows all over the world and we constantly get cd's or USB memory sticks with media files to publish on our sites. Pictures and videos.
Like each and every other media outlet, we do publish them and that's what we did with the Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft material.

All three companies are actually supporting us for years. Samsung is even flying one of our german bloggers to CES and we've been publishing over 300 videos of Samsung products on our Youtube channel.
Samsung claimed it's copyright on 4 different ads for Samsung products we've been uploading to our channel.

The same thing happened with Nokia. They claimed the copyright for an official ad of the Nokia Lumia 800, a product they just sent me to review!

Microsoft claimed their copyright on a concept video we've got ages ago. In the past i've been attending Microsoft events on 3 different continents and of course they've invited me for dinner at CES next week!

All these videos are available on many different Youtube channels and like pressreleases, press pictures and each and every information we are getting from the industry, they were made to be spreaded out through media-channels and outlets like ours.

Today, we've received the 3rd copyright strike agains our channels and even though i tried to get in contact with the admins of the Samsung Mobile, Nokia and Microsoft channel to sort this out, they never got back to me.

About an hour ago, i wanted to upload my review of the Nokia Lumia 800 (isn't it ironic?)and got this message:

*We have received three notifications alleging copyright infringement in one of your postings. Consequently, your account is subject to termination. Your ability to post new videos has been suspended.
Your access to your account will be completely disabled unless we receive from you a valid counter-notification disputing at least one of the claims by Jan 12, 2012.*

I can't upload anymore videos, we can't create video content at CES and we are about to lose all our work of the last 4 years in about 7 days!

If you know anyone in charge at Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft, who i can talk to and explain what we are doing and that it was never our intention
to infringe any copyright, please email me at

Thank you for all your support

P.S. Please reshare this post, so that we have a bigger chance to reach out to the right contacts!
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