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Interesting tech week, LG g watch r and Microsoft surface pro 2. May do a write up on both with a casual user perspective
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To the limit
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In love with my new lg g2 , unbelievable phone
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Just re-flashed +JOE AOKPROM on my galaxy nexus , I'm not gonna lie.....there was a reason I used this for 7months . +Paranoid Android was good but far to bugged and slow , aokp solving these issues giving my galaxy nexus a new lease of life , courtesy of +Ezekeel Johnson as well

If I keep watching so much Californication I'm gonna end up moving to California . Addicted does not describe
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Cant believe I have broken the screen on my galaxy note 2 , hope samsung dont charge me too much to get it replaced. Back to the trusty galaxy nexus
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Love this galaxy Note 2 , what an amazing phone
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£279 for a 16GB nexus 4? Sold!
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