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Max Lee (Zedomax)
I get very high on android, more than most.
I get very high on android, more than most.


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I Got My Daughter a Longboard! [GH5 4K 60fps] #GH5 #Slowmotion #Panasonic

After borrowing my longboard for many years, I finally bought my daughter Peony a brand, new pink longboard!

I did a lot of research before ordering this pink longboard, which has cool pink patterns on the grip tape. My daughter loves longboarding, she is a natural skateboarder just cannot ride bike yet but it's okay, I prefer to ride with her.

I got the board on eBay here:

Also, I used my new Panasonic GH5 all in 4K 60fps and the last clip was in 1080P 180fps scaled up to 4K, all hand-held, no post stabilization was used, all stabilization done in camera, amazing!

All footage was slowed down to 24fps in Premiere and slight color grading, shot in CNEV.

Grab the GH5 body here:

I used my favorite Sigma 24mm F1.4 lens w/ MC11:


Also auto-focus works really well, I used it most of the shots.

I also used an ND filter but I should have brought a stronger one as the sun was super bright and many of the clips were overexposed.

ND filter I use: (I pretty much have it on as my Sigma 24mm F1.4 is super bright unless I am in total darkness.)

What do you think of the GH5 footage? I thought it was amazing as I handheld everything.

If you want to see more of my GH5 footage, subscribe to my camera channel at "HighOnCameras" here:

If you have kids who watch YouTube videos, have them subscribe to Peony's channel here:

Also see my GH5 Unboxing:

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LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8 4K Comparison - V30 Cine Video vs. Note 8? #LGV30 #GalaxyNote8

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Galaxy Note 8 Spigen Cases Unboxing & Giveaway! #GalaxyNote8

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LG V30 Cine Video and Point Zoom Home Video 4K Test! [Handheld] #LGV30

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Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing LIVE! #GalaxyNote8

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LG V30 Lumion Case Lineup LIVE UNBOXING! #LGV30

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Moon in 4K! [Sony A7Rii + Sigma 150-600mm Telephoto Lens + 2X Teleconverter] #A7Rii #Sony #Moon

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Best LG V30 Cases LIVE! #LGV30

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Here's my first impressions of #LGV30!

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LG V30 Hands On! [First Impressions] #LGV30
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