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Jessica Parsons
@miniMum - enough is enough
@miniMum - enough is enough

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Brexit: It’s not us, it’s EU
The people have spoken, and what do they say? A simple majority from the UK Declared independence from that wobbly EU “Our pound remains free, and soon we will be too.” No thanks, we’re British! United we stand! (just don’t ask those stirrers, the Scots and...

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The SAFEty of New Zealand
Can you believe it? SAFE are threatening us all with further ads and actions like that one in the picture if the MPI and/or the government don't do what they want about this "animal abuse". Who do they think they are? Our government does fine if everyone wo...

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Mother's best old-fashioned vegan oatmeal porridge recipe
The best thing about porridge is that you can add anything ! The best thing about becoming a mother is that you learn to go with the flow... Morning Oatmeal  (or whenever my day allows time for eating with utensils) Boil the kettle. Take kids' leftover bowl...

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5 upsides of the Farmwatch expose
It's very easy to get caught up the immediate anger, denial, and polarisation when whistleblowers expose what we'd prefer not to see . Social criticism can be violently unpopular, and "killing the messenger" is a cliche for a very good reason. But undeniabl...

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Shocking abuse of New Zealand dairy calves
Shocking footage, as published on TV . And further unaired footage, from Farmwatch . Of course, it's only shocking if you haven't been paying attention. For decades, investigative psychic geniuses, I mean, animal activists like those at Farmwatch always man...

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Public protest may be hazardous to your health!
Trending and apparently news to some politicians - the US Consulate regularly warns citizens in foreign countries about large organised political actions, in case of risk or damage to said citizens. I've received a generous handful of these in recent years....

Watching a young reader get hooked on Terry Pratchett - priceless! "CRIVENS!

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Mother Nature Sends a Pink Slip
In honour of Mother's Day, here's a little gem of a poem by Marilou Awiakta that deserves a wider audience.       To: Homo Sapiens       Re: Termination                  My business is producing life.                  The bottom line is                  you...

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Vegan burger at McD's - Lest we forget
News flash on the local Auckland vegan network: you can get vegan burgers from McDonald's now! In some very limited outlets, you can
use a touchscreen to create your own gourmet burger. Guacamole, mushrooms, tortilla strips, lettuce, tomato and tomato and...

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Lock up your daughters with ponytails!
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