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Life is good, Living is great, and every day is another day to appreciate just how good and great.
Life is good, Living is great, and every day is another day to appreciate just how good and great.

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Advanced Business Simulation: Last week we explored Zapitalism and saw the many features of this free simulation. This week we step up the complexity a good bit to a much more detailed and complete business simulation. We may need two sessions to really explore this week's offering. Stop by and check out an example of playful learning that gets to very complicated issues.

As always our sessions start at 7pm EST on Wednesdays

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This week we explore a free business simulation game that educators may find valuable to teach learners the different components and costs of running a business as well as many of the basics of our economic system. Learning can be great fun through structured play. Come join us as we look at one example simulation and how it might be useful in our education efforts.

As always our session starts at 7pm EST and you can view the session at this link:

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In this session we explore Google Sheets and some simple ways teachers may wish to use Sheets. We will learn a few basic functions that make sheets into interactive spaces and we will look at how formatting options allow us to do much more than one might think we can do in a spreadsheet. There will be a few examples shared that are beyond the basics to simply illustrate some of the power available after basics are mastered.

Event starting at 7pm on Wednesday 11/16

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Exploring ways to add interaction with Google Slides. 7pm EST start.

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This week we continue our exploration into Google Sites. Specifically, we will explore a few options that demonstrate how other google tools can be used to create interaction with learners on your site. We will be starting from scratch to build these examples so you will have the sequence laid out and recorded if you should wish to try to add these interactive elements to your own site.

Wednesday 11/9 at 7pm est

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7pm est, Topic tonight is how educators can use Google Sites. Some of the basics will be covered into the moderately challenging items. The focus will be on using the tools for education.

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7pm EST 10/19/16 Tonight we look at ways Google Tools can be used to help learners explore college and career options and share that information with instructors easily.

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7pm EST Today we explore an example of how Google Sheets can be used in Adult Education for Intake. Get all the vital information to teachers with almost no effort :)

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Exploring how Google Presentation can be used to create digital comics ... Hanging with Ed(ucation) 7pm est to 8pm

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As a table top player and collector for over 30 years .. I am so happy to see articles like this.
The Guardians board game coverage is sporadic, but when an article turns up, is usually worth a read.
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