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I'm on the patio in Wilmington, Delaware and Boyz to Men is blasting. Its official, this is not as cool as Manhattan last night...

While the keiren is awkward at best for 5 1/2 laps, the resulting finish is an amazing display of power and speed.

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This is awesome! What did you write on the frosted window?
I love this easter egg. Do a search for "let it snow" on Google.

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In the age of digital, it's amazing what can be done w/ chalk.

So I'm thinking Google missed the boat here in the implementation of Google Apps. (Can't comment about regular accounts.)

I have my work email (exchange), my personal (google apps), and my PV club (google apps). I can't find a way to link me (this profile right here) to either my work or PV club email accounts. I can go and create another google+ profile, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of circles?
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