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How ironic, the point this documentary is trying to make is that somehow the 1% are causing the poor to stay poor and all that baloney as if you can simply make poverty disappear by giving the govt. more money. I can certainly see why THEY (the govt) would like us to believe it. But, as you can plainly see in the documentary, it's govt policies that actually encourage poverty and poverty stricken areas. Everything he points to he tries to make the 1% the culprit but it's actually caused by the govt and their waste fraud and abuse of our tax dollars. The projects, he laments that every new condo he sells is another home NOT going to a poor person. WRONG, the projects have been uninhabitable for a decade and when you did live there you had to stay poor or loose your house. There was no incentive to keep the properties well maintained and an incentive to not earn so much that you wouldn't qualify. Ergo, poverty and blight. He blames the schools being shut down on re-gentrification at the hands of the 1% but who would shut down a perfectly good school? No, the schools, like the govt housing, were completely useless, the teachers unmotivated and tenured and the public funding wasted, frauded and abused. THAT is what govt does, it takes good money out of the private sector and then it finds reasons to squander it to justify their own existence and they have an incentive to grow as big as possible. In truth, there is only one way to reduce poverty and that is by increasing job opportunities and wages. And there is only one way to increase job opportunities and wages and it's so simple that Mr. Obama could have done it in half the time it took him to pass the ACA and he even had his veto proof congress to do it with. You create jobs when you give corporations and small business owner's the incentive to stay, grow and expand here in America. When you have a surplus of jobs it suddenly get's difficult to keep your employees so companies start competing for talent by offering the best compensation packages possible. That is how they started offering health care to begin with, it wasn't a law or anything it just made good business since.  He blew it, he could have gone down as one of the best and brightest president's ever elected but instead he actually went in the opposite direction and it's cost the poor in this documentary dearly.
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