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Question for for folks who have run Vampire encounters in old school rules, how do you explain the level/energy drain? I'm not sure of the lore reason for the level drain on a 'hit'. Are there stories of vampires harming humans with just their touch? I would likely run it so that the drain only occurs if they can grab a hold and actually bite into a neck. Unless the 'hit' from an attack is supposed to be the event of actually biting a neck. Any insight?

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Hey folks, I found a great set of houserules on the rancorpit forums for more cinematic lightsaber dueling.  Unfortunately the rules were a bit incomplete.  I decided to expand on them and make them available to others.  Included in the document is a hyperlink to the original poster's thread.  Credit goes to atgxtg for laying the groundwork.  I added maneuvers and defensive stances, clarified mechanics, and fixed typos.

Has anyone ever done a write-up for an example capital ship vs capital ship battle?  I'm not sure I am running them right.  I wanted to do a mock battle, Venator vs Banking Clan Frigate.  No fighters involved, just capital ships.  Battle started at long range, both ships have shields up.  Venator goes first and opens up with firing all 8 heavy turbolasers, first volley hits and lightly damages the frigate, then second volley hits and due to crap rolls on the Frigate's end, the Frigate is destroyed.  This seemed to happen way too fast.  Since the Venator is manned by a crew, I would think it could fire every single weapon battery without a penalty -1D, etc. for that round.  Had the first two turbolaser batteries missed or rolled low on damage, there were going to be 6 more, plus all the other medium turbolasers and torpedo tubes.  Am I missing something?  I'd love to read a proper example.  I shudder at the thought of rolling 26 times for all the point-defense laser cannons, or the 60 turbolasers of a full fledged ISD.  Appreciate any help.

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Got my copy of Sword of Air today!  Everything looks great, glad to have it in print finally.  For those curious about map from SoA and the map from Lost City of Barakus, here  is how they line up.

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Made a forum post about running a giant/long Lost Lands campaign.  Might be fun to discuss possibilities.

Does anyone know if there is a player map version of the Tomb of Abysthor wilderness from the Stoneheart Valley book?  There is the DM map, but unlike the Crucible of Freya portion of the book, there is no accompanying player map... +Skeeter Green , any idea?

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TESC: Closer look at the Ceraan Sea Region
Aztakh Government(s): City-states with factional influences Description: The
desolate deserts of Aztakh are no paradise, but a paradise of the mind
can be found, if one looks hard enough and has the coin.  Aztakh was the Empire's
supplier of mi...

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TESC: Campaign Overview - The Ceraan Sea
Map to follow in the future The Ceraan Sea For centuries the waters of the Ceraan Sea were home to a multitude of various
cultures, religions, and races.   These
civilizations were merely beacons of light in a   world of darkness, however.   The
threat of...

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With FGG's 'Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks' released, I thought I'd do some commentary on Bill's houserules section.  Enjoy.

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Commentary: Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks Houserules
So while I just did a write-up for my houserules in an potentially upcoming campaign, I figured it might be a good idea to do some commentary on a recently released product from Frog God Games, since a chunk of it has to do with houserules! So as the result...
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