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"The critic is the only source of information. The rest is advertising."
~ Pauline Kael

Life as a critic..
(TWO "infractions" back-to-back in a bait/report scenario, too. Hey, it's about money, huh??)

Just mentioning $ brings out the forum staff to "bury" "self-interests"! lol...

.:Important Links:.
How/Why 4.0.1 ruined WoW (repeating the John Romero history)...

Blizzard Entertainment caught sockpuppeting...

How MUDs and MMOs die...
Critics are there to highlight problems to be seen and corrected for the "greater good". Is it fun being banned? Is it fun when these publishers sick in white knights and their own trolls at 10:1 ratios? No. But if you're paying this much time and money on a game, you also don't accept failure nor second best as options. It's a pursuit for perfection and nothing less. After all it's the squeaky wheel that gets heard, not the patient guy sending in the nth bug report. -_-

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The outlook is bleak any which way it's sliced, because Japanese work really, really hard. It's ingrained in their culture to do more and more, as anything else is considered being lazy.

On one hand they need relief from 80+hr work weeks (and 1/3 of that isn't even paid for work), but on the other hand, the reality is the work culture won't change with laws, though. That will be difficult when not doing 110% is considered being lazy.

Japan has modernized like no society on Earth, but the mindset is still feudal -- protect your family means protecting the clan and home, as that's how they survived for thousands of years.

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"Honey Pot" farming is how farming was done until after WWII (when chemical fertilizers became more affordable). It was practiced everywhere, from Europe to Asia.

Just North Korea REFUSES to modernize and hamstrings their own agriculture productions with ideas that aren't sustainable -- especially in colder climates.

Modern farming can boost crop yields to where countries -- if properly run -- don't have famines, as they use the best methods to get the most produce per acre.

Just the will isn't enough in farming, it's 50% Mother Nature cooperating and 50% know-how to get the most efficiency from the land.

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Trumpster is a textbook example of the Napoleon Syndrome: a small man who overcompensates with outlandish feats to "prove" he's manly. Even if he has to lie about those "feats".

We'll be hearing next that he was on the Moon with Neil Armstrong. -_-

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"@fuadmb About #swedenincident #lastnightinsweden unclear to us what President Trump was referring to,have asked US officials for explanation"

Even the Swedish officials can't believe the poppycock Trumpster is serving.

This song is so needed to remind us, there's less than 4 years now of Trumpster to live with, and it will be party time when he's impeached or croaks from eating a clearly unhealthy diet. :sigh:

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If you sleep with the dogs, Fox News, don't complain about the fleas later.

It is YOU who created the freak show we see today with "alternative realities", as you claim being "fair and balanced", but aren't.

We have Trumpster in office because YOU didn't check YOUR OWN PARTY of the nutjobs. If you're going to be partisan at least have some litmus test on principles that even represent your party -- not get all prissy AFTER he's elected.

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There is something so inherently wrong with a person preying on kids. It goes against protecting the next generation even.

"Dr. Larry Nassar, who was a doctor for USA Gymnastics for almost 20 years, was arrested last week on federal child pornography charges. He had previously been charged with sexually abusing a young girl at his home and is named in more than 60 police complaints and three lawsuits."

37,000 child porn images. 37,000 found on his computer; and a GoPro video of him molesting girls in a pool.

A sorry sack of life.

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Time to think of something else, as Southern Living sure knows how to NOT diet! lololol

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If you born in the 60s there were three retail stores you shopped at: Sears; K-Mart and JCPenny. To see K-Mart (which I'll never forget for their cloth department and cafeteria), be reduced to this, it should be a national SHAME.

We lost too many icons over the years. Businesses that should live on in name as they represent our history.

This hurts me as much as Pan Am and Eastern airlines closing. These are more than businesses, they're symbols of American prosperity.

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