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"The critic is the only source of information. The rest is advertising."
~ Pauline Kael

Life as a critic..
(TWO "infractions" back-to-back in a bait/report scenario, too. Hey, it's about money, huh??)

Just mentioning $ brings out the forum staff to "bury" "self-interests"! lol...

.:Important Links:.
How/Why 4.0.1 ruined WoW (repeating the John Romero history)...

Blizzard Entertainment caught sockpuppeting...

How MUDs and MMOs die...
Critics are there to highlight problems to be seen and corrected for the "greater good". Is it fun being banned? Is it fun when these publishers sick in white knights and their own trolls at 10:1 ratios? No. But if you're paying this much time and money on a game, you also don't accept failure nor second best as options. It's a pursuit for perfection and nothing less. After all it's the squeaky wheel that gets heard, not the patient guy sending in the nth bug report. -_-

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OMG! Just saw a Google+ page of a raving Neo-Nazi and his collections: C# and *nix. Flat out told him was he Schizophrenic. -_-

WHERE are these guys crawling from???

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Was YouTube surfing and came across this guy's video about McCain.


Then I looked at the videos he had.

A video on a cure for cancer camp was on his channel.

Another Alex Jones wannabe I suppose, because what Google recommends while at his channel? Alex Jones.

I don't know if it's hate/fear/ignorance or a combination of all three, but when people become THAT extreme something in the brain isn't right. As they're right there paranoid of OTHERS but still trying to panhandle money.

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This is so damning of Fox News -- and coming FROM a Fox News contributor.

I know the shows are scripted but not that scripted.

This article needs to be passed around, as this is one of the biggest cons on the American public possibly ever.

They lied to the public and our grand parents (and their families) fell for the lies.

#trump #gop #foxnews #conjob

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'But it’s worth another look at the remarkable rhetoric in Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory’s majority opinion, which concludes that Trump’s “true reason” for the travel ban was not protecting the nation’s security but making good on a campaign promise born of anti-Muslim bias.

As Harvard law professor Noah Feldman put it in an essay for Bloomberg News, “It’s extraordinary for a federal court to tell the president directly that he’s lying; I certainly can’t think of any other examples in my lifetime."'

Won't be a day too soon either.

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Of course, because if the Treason Act of 1351 was applied ANY accessory to it would be a principle to the crime of treason.

Anyone asociated with Trumpster's administration AND party that is willing to protect a traitor are PRINCIPALS (active participants) to treason.

What makes this even more chilling is, Trumpster was asking personal loyalty to him not the Constitution or our Laws, him above it all.

IF treason is invoked the GOP that went with his antics are also culprits in treason.


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This is a very interesting read on treason in the USA ... written in 1861 (just before the Civil War).

Our treason statues follow the UK Treason Act of 1351 by King Edward III, and the NYT article goes into detail on what the Founders believed, and the then current understanding of it, with examples of previous USA treason cases upto then.

It's very interesting to know this...

"It is well known," says FOSTER, " that in the language of the law there are no accessories in high treason -- all are principals. Every instance of incitement, aid, or protection, which in case of felony will render a man an accessory before or after the fact, in the case of high treason, whether it be treason at common law or by statute, will make him a principal in treason."

This is almost 700 year-old established Law, that long existed before the USA did. Yet it was the framework the Founders used for our own definition of treason in the USA.

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Don't need long winded explanations of treachery -- we convicted spies on less evidence.

He's getting SPECIAL treatment because there is zero excuse to have back channel communications to BYPASS our own intelligence.

They're not working for the USA, they're working either just for themselves as outright Anarcho-Capitalists; or they actually are traitors willing to sell out their country.

If they're the latter, give them a trial, but hang them at high noon for high treason.

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WHY Japanese lullabys in the day were not happy songs, because of things like this happening (and still true today -- bears kill).

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