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Consommer des protéines d'origine végétale plutôt que de la viande réduit fortement le risque de diabète de type II
Selon une étude finlandaise, consommer des protéines d'origine végétale plutôt que de la viande réduit fortement le risque de diabète de type 2. Ce résultat était attendu, mais l'étude a été menée pendant 9 ans et ses résultats sont donc très fiables. Parmi...

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Les polyphénols du café pourraient brûles les graisses pendant le sommeil
Les acides chlorogéniques sont les polyphénols les plus importants du café. Selon une étude japonaise, ils pourraient aider les gens à s'endormir, et plus, à brûler les graisses pendant leur sommeil. On connait l'effet "anti-sommeil" du café, du essentielle...

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Making artificial blood for transfusions
ACS : Blood transfusions can save the lives of patients who have suffered
major blood loss, but hospitals don’t always have enough or the right
type on hand. In search of a solution, researchers have developed a
promising substitute using blood’s oxygen-...

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Fighting MRSA with new membrane-busting compound
ACS : Public health officials are increasingly concerned over
methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The bacteria have
developed resistance to a number of treatments, even antibiotics of last
resort in some cases. Now researchers report in A...

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How rare sugars might help control blood glucose
ACS : In an era when the label “natural” hits a sweet spot with consumers,
some uncommon sugars emerging on the market could live up to the
connotation. Preliminary animal studies have suggested that allulose and
other low-calorie, natural rare sugars co...

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How to measure potentially damaging free radicals in cigarette smoke
ACS : Smoking cigarettes can lead to illness and death. Free radicals,
which are atoms or groups of atoms with unpaired electrons, in inhaled
smoke are thought to be partly responsible for making smokers sick. Now
researchers report in ACS’ journal Chemi...

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The search for obesity drugs targets hunger’s complex chemistry
ACS : Discoveries of hormones related to weight and appetite in the ‘90s
helped spur a search for obesity treatments targeting those hormones—
with disappointing results. Now scientists are taking a new tack that
could finally yield promising treatments,...

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