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Suzanne McQueen
Bringing lava to the surface since 1957.
Bringing lava to the surface since 1957.

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Friend and associate, Tracie Sage's first book is being released this coming Sunday, March 5th. It is a groundbreaking work on relationships called: "The Missing Manual to Love, Marriage and Intimacy."

I haver read it and loved it. Tracie's golden guidance is spot on if you're attempting to repair or enhance your intimacy. I also think everything in it applies to general peacemaking at home, at work, and the world. It's a great purchase even if you want to just gain some tools for refining your communication skills.
Sales of this book on Amazon over the next 3 days will make a huge impact on its visibility on Amazon after that. Please consider getting a copy for yourself now, and maybe some copies for friends and family.

You can order yours here:

That would be so appreciated!

I think this quote from the book will speak to you:
"A love evolution has begun. It needs to grow and expand exponentially to make a real difference for our children, in our culture and toward a peaceful world. We are the love catalysts the world needs. Together we can spread this love evolution movement far and wide. The time is Now! Let's surf this wave together into a future of love for all of us."

The love evolution starts with you and ripples out to all those you touch.
Thanks and Love - Suz

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All we need to remember in 2.56 minutes. <3 
My new short film. Watch and share. Everything we think. Everything we say. Everything we do matters!

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I love every photo this woman takes. 

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My chiropractor!
I've got the tightest neck ever, which at times seems more chronic than acute. So these home exercises really help bring relief to all of that when I begin to fall into a bad pattern.
Now, if I would only do them everyday, maybe I wouldn't need them.

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A MUST READ and outstanding report: the news outlets just aren't covering it

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This would be a good choice for many good reasons

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Coming up!! 3rd Annual FREE Red Tents in Every Neighborhood Global Summit! - this year the topic is Menopause (and beyond!).
Begins Feb 1st! Register now! You'll love  it. 

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LadyFriends: Join thousands of women here! One inspirational and motivational 5 minute video delivered every weekday to your inbox.

The FREE 3rd annual Red Tent Global Summit is designed to help you move TOWARDS Menopause, and THROUGH It, with Greater Consciousness, Choices, and Clarity! I'm honored to once again be a part of this!
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