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Calvin Peoples

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Calvin Peoples

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100% brand new and high quality

The Balancing Wheel is a two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter.
Self Balancing Scooter more convenient safer and easier to learn.
Safe and smooth riding under a comfortable speed will cut your commute time in half.

Ideal for workplaces with large flooring areas such as factories, storage facilities, gymnasiums and stadiums, school and universities, airports and other commercial or industrial environments.

7-10 days for Delivery $339.98


Max speed: about 15km/h - 30km/h
Max range:10km- 30 km
Maximum climbing angle: about 15 degrees
Maximum load: 120KG
Motor power: 350W
Battery: 36V 4.4A
Battery power: 158W

Charging temperature: 0 degrees -45 degrees (Over charging protection available)

Charging voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ
Charging time: 1-2 hour
Tire diameter: 6.5 inch

Dimension: L584*W186*H178mm

Scooter body materials: Aluminum inside; ABS+PC outside

Package Content:
Smart Balance Wheel
Carrying Bag
Color Box
Outside Box 

Calvin Peoples

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Well Do You?

Calvin Peoples

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Nothing is more wonderful and spectacular than bringing a new life in to the world. This new edition is especially designed for a little princess.For both family and friends, this one of a kind Baby Card is the perfect gift for a new born. $71.07 + shipping and handling

Calvin Peoples

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The ABC'S of this statement: my understanding. So what do we mean by our actions affecting others? So we have man and woman meeting by chance for the first time they say hi to each other. (A action just occurred) they like each other and now they now are dating. (Another action just completed) you're very happy in this relationship then you realize that he or she is a heavy drinker or heavily into drugs. Now your feelings are hurt you love your partner and yet for every drink every drug that they take hurt you so much that your love for your partner fade everyday to the point you're really not interested in being with your partner any longer. (So let's look at what happened in our last statement you partner was drinking and or doing drugs that's an action you dislike that action it hurt you and your partner does not realize or does not care, this continues on for months or even years, to the point that you just want out of the relationship. So now you do what's needed to have peace of mind) Your done! Now we see. How ones actions can affect others. This is where everything gets messed up you're out of there. However the alcoholic or the drug user will literally put blame on you being the cause of what happened to the relationship and will also pay you for that. Which comes to the point be careful of what you saying do. In my opinion it really does not matter what you say or what you do that can help the situation out. The only way this will end good is if they realize what actions they have been doing that created the whole situation and stop. Only then can a problem be fixed. In other words you cannot help somebody if they're unwilling to understand what they have done and help themselves.
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