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Rosanne Bersten
Passionate, political, digital: digital strategist, editor, futurist
Passionate, political, digital: digital strategist, editor, futurist

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Does anyone out there have a preference between, lucidchart and creately? Or should I just splash out and buy Omnigraffle?

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So, I don't think I've mentioned here yet that I'm starting a new content strategy company for social and digital media. Come talk to me about social enterprise, training for your company, running strategy sessions and anything else you like.

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Google Wallet Gets Cloud Version
Supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Google announced today that it is releasing a new, cloud-based Google Wallet app that supports credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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Very clever.
OK so this is seriously cool. Watch the video and then when the annotations appear at the bottom, click one, and watch the next video. AWESOME use of +YouTube  annotations.

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Very interesting but no idea how this could be used to reduce trolling online...
"Researchers at the University of Haifa in Israel asked 71 pairs of college students who did not know one another to debate an issue over Instant Messenger and try to come up with an agreeable solution. The pairs, seated in different rooms, chatted in various conditions: some were asked to share personal, identifying details; others could see side views of their partner's body through webcams; and others were asked to maintain near-constant eye contact with the aid of close-up cameras attached to the top of their computer.

Far more than anonymity or invisibility, whether or not the subjects had to look into their partner's eyes predicted how mean they were. When their eyes were hidden, participants were twice as likely to be hostile. Even if the subjects were both unrecognizable (with only their eyes on screen) and anonymous, they rarely made threats if they maintained eye contact. Although no one knows exactly why eye contact is so crucial, lead author and behavioral scientist Noam Lapidot-Lefler, now at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in Israel, notes that seeing a partner's eyes “helps you understand the other person's feelings, the signals that the person is trying to send you,” which fosters empathy and communication."

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Wow. Still trying to work out how they're doing this. Stochastic pattern printed under the logo?

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Thought you might like this, +Kate Moore, if you haven't seen it already...

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Freaking awesome.
Nicely done video about the effects of media on girls. Thank you +Paula Rizzuto

Apologies for that folks, was trying to get +Streamified to talk to our +NewsLocal page and assumed since I was using G+ as NewsLocal at the time that it would send the tweets there not here. Sorry for spamming.

I'm starting to feel like I'm having too much fun researching responsive web design and all the fun things I'll be able to do with more CSS type control. #guiltypleasures #thisiswork #really
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