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I've been in Melbourne for a little over a week now, and I figure its high time I write about it. Don't expect me to d this regularly, some of you have known me over the space of three blogs or so. Anyway:

Flight went a lot faster than I thought it would. I have now technically been to California, though it lookend an awful lot like an airport. I read some of Virconium by M. John Harrison (which starts off well then slows waaaay down). I watched Drive (which was way too violent for me), and A Beautiful Mind (which I was surprised I hadn't seen yet). My goddam hippie dinner didn't make it onto the plane, so they cobbled one together from First Class side dishes. Score. Then I slept, and then holy crap I'm in Australia.

The first thing I saw outside of the airport was a McDonalds ("Maccas"). Woo.

After I got over having the driver on the right side, I could see the Melbourne skyline slowly approaching over the horizon. My lovely tour guides Julianna and Andrew pointed out notable Melbourne landmarks, including an enormous yellow rod sticking out of the ground. Melbourne has... /questionable/ taste in Art.

We made our way to our apartment, and miraculously I did not simply pass out, and instead went to check out the Uni campus. I immediately got completely lost. I'm not sure if it's actually bigger than UofT, but it sure felt like it. Even now I have more a collection of algorithms than any actual idea where anything is. Time will telll.

Money is boring, but suffice it to say it took a few days electronically this time rather than a month by cheque last time. Cheques: Just say no.

I was shown how the trams (streetcars) and the trains work (if you want to talk to me about transit, do so, but I will just say it's light-years ahead of Toronto. I think everywhere is), I set out mostly on my own. Julianna nipped off to New Zealand so I was pretty much on my own. Some impressions so far:

Melbourne's taste in architecture is, in my opinion, much bolder than Toronto's. Not every building works perfectly, but I've seen some really cool looking ones. I would suspect almost none of them could possibly be built in Toronto, we just get CityPlace copy-paste everywhere.

Public art is... actually most of its awful. Pretentious and incomprehensible in the worst possible way, sort of like the worst of Nuit Blanche. Apparently a lot of it's layover from the 80s.

The weather is patently bizarre. I went to see a parade, and for the entire parade it was a lovely 30° (You americans can translate by yourselves. Thpppt). Just as it ended, a wind picked up and the temperature plunged ten degrees in about five minutes. Then it started to pour, and continued to do so for the rest of the day. Lately it's been about 18-22, and I've had to start wearing a sweater again. Hopefully I'll get more t-shirt weather soon.

I've been exploring mostly by picking up a tram and riding it until something looks cool. The city has some lovely parks, an incredibly ugly main square called Federation Square, an awesome-looking beach that was too bright for me to stay long at, and a lovely set of arcades (The shopping kind, not the Pacman kind).

I have not: Seen a penguin or a kangaroo. It will happen, or I will be /upset/.

I have: gotten a sunburn-ascot. But mostly I have been pretty diligent about sunblock.

Ellie out.

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My breadboard from my Computer Organization lab tonight.
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