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Her name is Zuze

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Keep your eyes on the Son;)
Margaret Gaskell originally shared to Inspiration ...........:
"The Eagle"
Through the storms the Eagles flies
He does not hesitate
So strong of wing
Fine and proud he flies across the sky
Nothings stops him till he reaches his goal
An example we could take
So when we feel discouraged
Think of this strong bird
Who flies through storm and tempest
To reach his forward goal
Poem Margaret Gaskell@copyright
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When the world walks out on you, a mother’s arms remains outstretched.

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From strangers we get lies, truth, and everything in between. With our friends we bond trust and give up the need to lie because real trust is a product of love. Without fear, the truth is shared between friends, and spoken even to strangers with a form of love that pieces the words together and fills in between, called honesty. It is from simply two sources, love and truth.

It takes love to replace the risk in trust with hope, this bonded to friendship can see through negativity. Only love can remove enough fear to build friendships from honesty and respect. With honesty, we deliver the purest of any form of expression. What we love about our friends is the honesty in their hearts, it shapes the image of a beautiful soul...

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