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Bhaskar Chowdhury
Musing with GNU/Linux !!
Musing with GNU/Linux !!

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Hey Richard! +Richard Brown can you please package keybase for tumbleweed?

Please visit 

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Look like you get the infectious disease from Kai! he ran this kind of stuff for few days and you started ! what's going on Vivek? Anyway good to get the attack vector determined that way! :)

Kai == +Konstantin Ryabitsev :)
Which revision control system do you use the most?
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This misunderstands the role that GRUB2 plays in the modern boot flow. It also equates systemd with "our one true savior" and inserts it (as usual) in place of simply addressing whatever is "missing in GRUB". Not reducing complexity but simply shoving more shit into systemd that doesn't belong there. Finally, it ignores the ability to work with Microsoft to deliver an improved user experience. Those are the same people who also use multi-level boot processes rather than direct kernel boot, for the same reasons GRUB2 works wonderfully on modern Linux systems.

I will not support this encroachment and will fight it. Before you come disrupting what works, you had better have a good reason. Last time I checked, GRUB could also be configured to skip the menu and you can easily implement failover last known good. Come sit next to me in my rocking chair, the lawn is freshly mown and ready.

+Steven Rostedt hey Steven , your lkml masseage still read that you are part of Redhat! Can you take a note of that or update it with vmware?


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This is cut throat and brutally honest and practical down to earth and a true genius ...well, I am running out words,,,here is the Master reveal his views ...I believe it's worth you 25 min of time to listen to him ..please do :

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What Linus has to say about so called bubble of innovation! take a peek fellas.

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Heads up fellas!
Thank you for weighing in on the topic of whether we should pull the plug on FTP. We decided to side with the 92% of you and completely shut down all FTP services by end of 2017.

Seeing as I still get asked "hey, why is finger not working any more," I'm sure "hey, what happened to" is going to be the question that will haunt me well into my retirement.

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Never ending libreoffice compiling/patching going on Gentoo..firefox had similar fate on it..the worst is google's huge and bulky..heck
#gentoo   #libreoffice #linux #firefox #chrome  

+Mozilla Firefox  till now from yesterday your product has crashed on me at least 5 times with minimum effect...heck...

Running it on Arch Linux with at most 5 tabs ....not good...

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First thing first,you are supposed to have a digital key. Haven’t you?? Get one!, but how? Here is how to creating gpg key from command line. I am assuming( o yeah I can’t help myself about that! thinking of you being smart enough to figure it out) you…
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