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Inspiring minds. Shaping lives.
Inspiring minds. Shaping lives.

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Memorial High Grad Picked for Selective Program
William “Ryan” Caesar is likely the first Spring Branch ISD graduate ever admitted to Oxford University as an undergraduate. A rich learning journey begins for him soon, but Ryan doesn’t allow accomplishment or accolade to go to his head. In just a few w...

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CTE Awards 2017 Scholarships
The 2017 Career and Technical Education (CTE) scholarships were awarded last month during a luncheon at the Guthrie Center. Henry Wilhelm, a senior and valedictorian at Memorial High School, was named Outstanding Academy of Finance student and awarded a $...

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Paloma June: A Citizen of the World
Lucille Ball once said that “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” At Westchester Academy for International Studies, that would be senior Paloma June. Here are a few things she’s juggled during her high school years: National Honor Soc...

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Herasmo Castillo: Keeping His Eye on the Ball
Herasmo Castillo carries himself like an athlete and speaks with the quiet confidence of a young man who is going places. In the near future, that place will be Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi where he will walk on to the baseball team. And while he ...

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Alejandro Vazquez Martinez: Out to Change the World
Alex Vazquez plans to take Northbrook High School Principal Randolph Adami’s job – or one like it – one day. That wasn’t always the case. At one time, he wanted to be an architect. Then he met his eighth-grade Spanish teacher. Through her, he came to see...

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Ahmad Soussi: Capitalizing On an International Perspective
While most Americans were watching the 2012 events in Benghazi, Libya, unfold on the evening news, Westchester Academy for International Studies senior Ahmad Soussi had a front-row seat. Though he was born in California, Ahmad’s parents, Nasrine Elhassan...

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Xsana Yusef: Handling Adversity With Aplomb
Xsana Yusef is posing for photos in front of the library on the Spring Woods High School campus when a passing classmate calls out to her. “You’re beautiful, Xsana!” Xsana smiles – a modest, humble, genuine smile, the attention both flattering and embarra...

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Meagan Colorado: Lighting Up Her Social Circles
Drop a pebble into a pool of water and what happens? The ripples roll out from the center, ever expanding until natural forces slow or stop them. Now picture Meagan Colorado as the pebble, and Stratford High School as her pool. There may be no natural fo...

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Kayla Dixon: AOC Senior Hopes Graduation Brings Stability
Ask Kayla Dixon where she went to school and you might get more than you bargained for. The graduating senior at SBISD’s Academy of Choice (AOC) will tell you that she’s likely been to every school in the Spring Branch area. “We moved around a lot, in the...

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Conner Johnson: Looking Out for the Underdog
Conner Johnson asks a most intriguing question: “Do you want to talk about my eye?” OK. Sure. Your eye? Seems Conner has a prosthetic eye – a glass eye, as they’re commonly known – and has since he was 9. Born with cataracts and glaucoma in his left eye,...
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